H Series - For Warehouses Mining

Hydro Cooling System

H200 series, a Hydro Cooling equipment specifically designed for Bitcoin mining.
Whether you are a professional miner or a beginner, FogHashing Hydro Cooling Solution is the ideal choice to enhance mining efficiency. efficiency.

200kw Cooling Capacity

Supports up to 20 whatsminer M63s/36
/Antminer S21 Hydros

Multiple Sensor Monitor

Contains fikoww, pressure, and temperature, conductivity, and leakage sensors

10" HMl Display & PLC

Digital display and automatic flow/temperature/electrical control

High Quality Materials

Stainless steel pipes, valves, filters, etc

High Qutlet Temperature

Up to 80°C outlet temperature, designed
for heat recovery

Easy to Install and Maintain

Hydro quick connector design, easy to
remove and replace

FogHashing H200-S


36 Antminer S21/S19 Hydro

FogHashing H200-M


20 Whatsminer M63s

Hydro cooling Solution

Modular Hydro cooling Mining Solution

200kW Sufficient Cooling Capacity.

  • Meet the heat dissipation demand of hydro cooling mining system.

Compatible with Whatsminer/Antminer Rack System.

  • 42U modular rack system design

Designed for Bitcoin Mining Heat Recovery.

  • Solution designed according to heating needs, optional dry cooler or cooling tower.


Hydro Cooling equipment

Safety Assurance and Easy Maintenance

The utilization of high-quality stainless steel pipelines and liquid safety detection ensures the system's safety.

The unique single-circuit design simplifies both the installation and maintenance processes.

Enjoy a one-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service.

Advanced Control and Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Features a 7 inches HMI display and PLC for digital display and automatic control, along with integrated flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, and leakage sensors to comprehensively monitor system status.

Liquid Mining System
Hydro cooling Mining Solution

Outstanding Heat Dissipation and Heat Recovery Design

Maintains optimal temperature during high-power operation and achieves a high outlet temperature of up to 80°C for efficient heat recovery.

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