Apexto Mining Immersion Cooling Systems——Shorten ROI

Smart, Green, Reliable and Affordable immersion cooling system for crypto mining,providing incredible experience for you.

+50% Hashrate

—80% Failure Rate

Easy to Install

Noiseless Mining

Would you like an extra 40% to 50% hash rate?

If this is what you would like, then an immersion cooling system would be your best choice. An immersion cooling system is a product that can shorten your ROI.

Apexto immersion cooling systems are technically sound and stable, and Apexto already has an established technical team compared to other suppliers on the market. Our team can answer technical questions about how to install and solve any issue you may encounter.


Home Mining |  Efficient Cooling | Low Noise | Ultra Stable

Immersion Mining Kit – C1   $1198

C1 is the all-in-one immersion cooling kit designed for individual ASIC miners, either for home or office use. C1 can hold one mining machine.

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C1 Ultra   $1429

Ultra Dry Cooler is designed for extreme heat or extreme overclocking mining.

eg. in the Middle East erea

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Immersion Mining Kit – C2   $1580

C2 is upgraded and optimized on the basis of C1, C2 can hold 2 ASICS(Dual fans). At 35 °C, C2 can provide a full 12kW cooling capacity.

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The World’s First Original lmmersion Mining System With Whatsminer M56

Immersion Mining System – M1   $1490

Specially designed only for Whatsminer M56 and future original immersion cooling miner.Extremely efficient flow design, space & coolant saving. It can run 1x M56 miner inside.

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There are two ways for you to choose.
The first solution is to use the 40kW cooling box with a water tower (customize the water tower capacity according to your needs). The second solution is to use a B6 dry cooler. Which one to choose depends on the local environment. If the water source is sufficient, you can choose the water tower cooling mode. If it is an extremely hot or cold area, you can choose the cooling mode of the dry cooler.

40kW Cooling Box with Water Cooling Tower   $1580

It can accommodate 6 Antminer S19. Scalable deployment.
Plate heat exchanger, power distribution, network switch and other facilities are all integrated inside the 40kW tank. Internal circulation uses oil, external circulation uses water, suitable for areas with sufficient water.


30kW Cooling Box with Dry Cooler   $3549

One B6D with one dry cooler
It can accommodate 6 Antminer S19. For different numbers of miners, B6 can be flexibly deployed. It supports single deployment and modular deployment, just like building blocks. We will provide customized solutions according to your needs.




Immersion Cooling Container

It integrates all required devices such as controllers, cooling tanks, etc.

Each tank is independently connected to the dry cooler or cooling tower.

Through our adapted PSU and software, reduce the cost of each mining machine.

200kW Cooling Box   $11980

200kW | 39 Rack space for Antminer S19
This is 200KW immersion cooling cabinet for miner cooling in the process of work. It adopts self-developed immersion cooling system to improve the cooling and heat dissipation of server in a more effective way. Suitable for all mining machines.


B20 MEGA Container    $111330

Support up to 192 miners

(AntMiner S19/XP) or 240 miners

(WhatsMiner M50/M30) inside

M20 MEGA is a high-density immersion cooling design with the goal of providing a full-stack solution for large-scale mining customers.


B40 MEGA Container   $172350

Support up to 384 miners (AntMiner S19/XP) or 480 miners (WhatsMiner M50/M30) inside

BC40 MEGA It integrates all required devices such as power distribution cabinets, smart PDUs, network interfaces, controllers, cooling tanks, circulation ducts, etc.


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