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Apexto Mining Oil/Immersion Cooling Systems——Shorten ROI

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Would you like an extra 40% to 50% hash rate?

You can overclock your miners and get up to a 50% advantage using Apexto Mining Immersion Cooling Systems. Usually, S19 100TH miners can reach 150TH.

If this is what you would like, then an immersion cooling system would be your best choice. An immersion cooling system is a product that can shorten your ROI. Apexto immersion cooling systems are technically sound and stable, and Apexto already has an established technical team compared to other suppliers on the market. Our team can answer technical questions about how to install and solve any issue you may encounter.

What is an Oil/Immersion Cooling System?

Immersion cooling is a form of liquid cooling where the server is immersed in a bath of non-conductive liquid.

The miner transfers heat directly to the fluid without additional cooling components, such as heat sinks or fans.


4   Advantages

+50% Hashrate

Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 50% more hashrate. It may require mechanical adaptation, additional overclocking PSU, or custom immersion firmware!

80% Reduced Failure Rate

Reducing the influence of high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration can reduce the equipment failure rate by 80% and the equipment operation and maintenance cost by 85%.

Easy to Install &Safe

The unit’s design focuses on simplicity and safe operation. You can operate the system immediately upon receiving it, which reduces your construction and installation costs and MAXIMIZES YOUR PROFITS.

Noiseless Mining

When you immerse miners in the liquid, it is fully protected from temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, or fire. This means that there are no fans, so there is no noise. This also means more profit, less downtime, and less maintenance.

Have you ever heard about dry cooler?

In addition to oil cooling systems, we also have oil box with dry cooler. Overclocked hashrate is up to 60% and this product can help you shorten the return cycle and improve ROI.

Dry coolers are heat-transfer devices that use air to remove excess heat into the atmosphere.

Usually, a dry cooler presents a heat exchanger (it can be either microchannel coils or a finned tube) and fans. The fans are responsible for directing the air flow through the heat exchanger.

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