Apexto Hydro cooling system

Do you have trouble with the high temperature and loud noise when the miner is running?

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Noiseless crypto mining

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Up to 60% more hashrate

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Plug in heat reuse system

For Home

Solution 1: Single Water Cooling Solution 8000W/12000W Radiator

It is an independent air and water cooling device developed for a single Antminer hydro miner.

It is easy to install, you only need to connect the water cooler to the air cooler, add coolant and it can run directly.

Solution 2: Hydro cooling cabinet

Frrom 4 units ANTMINER S21 Hyd. to 6 units Hydro Antminers.

Water Cooling​

12KW Water Cooling

1 Hydro-cooling Miner



4 Hydro-cooling Miner

hydro cooling system


6 Hydro Antminers 

H Series - For Warehouse

H200 series, a Hydro Cooling equipment specificaly designed for Bitcoin mining.

Whether you are a professional miner or a beginner, H200 series is the ideal choice to enhance mining efficiency.

FogHashing H200-S


36 Antminer s21/s19 Hydro

FogHashing H200-M


20 whatsminer M63s

HC - Hydro cooling Container

Hydro Cooling Container is an innovative solution designed specifically for large-scale mining operations.

It incorporates a range of efficient features from the H200 series Hydro Cooling equipment, including single-circuit design, stainless steel pipelines, coolant quality monitoring, and a high-capacity circuit system.

This container provides reliable heat dissipation, simplified maintenance procedures, and a convenient mining operational environment.


210 Antminer Hydro Miners

Hydro Cooling Container
Hydro Cooling Container


100 Whatsminer M63/M53 Hydro Miners