Apexto Water Cooling System

Do you have trouble with the high temperature and loud noise when the miner is running?

Water cooling solves all the issues and enables overclocking possibility.

Cryptocurrency mining is getting harder. Rising difficulty, huge power consumption, very loud noise, massive amount of heat, large footprint of spaced-out devices, dust, vibration, humidity, regular maintenance of dusted and contaminated miners, and no possible way to overclock already hot devices.Finally, low reliability and frequent repairs.

This is why Apexto introduced water cooling system.

6-Bit Antminer Water Cooling System Solution

This new arrival water cooling system is the first device in the market so far to fit small batches of Antminer S19XP Hyd. , S19 Hyd. and S19 Pro+ Hyd. all Hyd series from them.

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Introduction & Testing Video

Let’s look at the cooling effect and energy efficiency of the machine in actual operation.

Single Water Cooling Solution 8000W/1200W Radiator

It is an independent air and water cooling device developed for a single Antminer S19 miner.

It is easy to install, you only need to connect the water cooler to the air cooler, add coolant and it can run directly.

Bitmain Antminer Hydro-Cooling Water-Cooling Miner For BTC Bitcoin Mining

Water Cooling Upgrade Package

Compared with the air-cooling machine, the upgraded water-coolingmachine can reduce the failure rate by up to 90% and no noise at all whenthe machine is running; cost reducing and efficiency increasing.environmental protection, also no damage to the machine.

Heat Utilization

We have many European customers who have told us they are facing energy shortages. If you have a mining machine at home, then we recommend converting the mining machine into a water-cooled mining machine to heat the house through a water-cooling system. In the bear market, the price of mining machines is low, which you can invest in and provide heating in winter. If you don’t have a mining machine, you can also invest in a mining machine, which can provide heat for the house while mining to obtain income, killing two birds with one stone.