Apexto Water Cooling System Solution

Do you have trouble with the high temperature and loud noise when the miner is running?

We have received many customer inquiries about how to solve the problem of too much noise and too high temperature during the mining process. How can they achieve efficient mining? So, we looked for a brand new product for our customers, the perfect companion for mining: the water cooling system.

Water cooling systems are commonly used to dissipate heat in large factories. The higher temperature when the miner is running will directly affect the chip, which means higher power consumption is required to cool the chip.

The problem is not caused by the increase in the hashrate of a single chip but by the heat generated by the increase in hashrate, and this means that you can increase the hashrate as long as you don’t raise the heat, or better, there is an efficient way to reduce the heat.

We currently offer three solutions for using water cooling according to our customers’ needs

Solution one ——All in one external water cooling radiator system

The first solution is for customers with only one to two miners. You need to prepare these things: 

  1. Water Cooling Plate
  2. Water Cooling Fan
  3. Fan simulator

Solution two——For Use With Water Towers

The second solution is designed for customers with large mining farms. If you have dozens of mining machines running simultaneously, you cannot achieve the cooling effect of the small water-cooling row. You need a water tower to assist the mining machine in dissipating heat.

  1. Water Cooling Plate
  2. Water Tower (according to the number of your mining machines)

Application case: used with 10T water tower

Tips: How to choose a water tower?

Let’s take Antminer S19 Pro as an example.

The heat dissipation of a single S19 Pro overclocked to 7000W is about 1600W, requiring a cooling capacity of about 3600W. For example, the cooling capacity of 10T tower is 58k÷3.6kw=16.2, because the heat dissipation to be less than the cooling capacity, so to set aside 20% of the heat dissipation, 16. 2-16. 2×20%=13 units. That is, 10T cooling tower can carry less than the cooling capacity, so to set aside 20% of the heat dissipation, 16.2-16.2×20% = 13 units. That is, the 10 T cooling tower can carry 13 units. Combined with other cooling tower specifications, the calculation shows that each tonnage of the water tower can carry 1.3 units.

Note: In addition to heat dissipation and noise reduction, the above two solutions can also achieve overclocking. You only need to replace the power supply with a 6000W/8000W overclocked power supply.

Solution Three——To Achieve House Heating Through Water Cooling

We have many European customers who have told us they are facing energy shortages. If you have a mining machine at home, then we recommend converting the mining machine into a water-cooled mining machine to heat the house through a water-cooling system. In the bear market, the price of mining machines is low, which you can invest in and provide heating in winter. If you don’t have a mining machine, you can also invest in a mining machine, which can provide heat for the house while mining to obtain income, killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, if you think it is too complicated to modify the mining machine through the water-cooling plate, you can also choose to buy a water-cooled mining machine directly.

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