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BOMBAX Miner: The Silent, Low-Power, High-Hashrate Revolutionizer of ETC Mining

Bombax EZ100


In the world of cryptocurrency mining, performance and energy efficiency are paramount. Since Ethereum (ETH) transitioned to Proof of Stake (PoS), Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining has become a favorite among ASIC miners due to its stable rewards and the ability to dual mine. This article will introduce the BOMBAX Miner from the perspectives of performance and profitability. Particularly, the lightweight and quiet EZ100-C model is highly recommended for users who wish to mine at home.


Product Name BOMBAX EZ100 BOMBAX EZ100-C
Mode Normal Mode ECO Mode Normal Mode
Hashrate 12500 MH/s 2700MH/s 3200MH/s
Power 2300 W 350W 570W
Power Efficiency 0.18 J/MH 0.13 J/MH 0.18 J/MH
Algorithm ETCHash; ETHash ETCHash; ETHash ETCHash; ETHash
Weight 16.4 KG 12.3 KG 12.3 KG
Dimensions (WxHxD) 213mm * 295mm * 400mm 133mm * 412mm * 441mm 133mm * 412mm * 441mm

The BOMBAX Miner series offers a versatile range of high-performance, energy-efficient mining solutions for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and other cryptocurrencies. This series includes two main models: EZ100 and EZ100-C, each tailored to meet different mining requirements from industrial setups to home use.

The EZ100 model is designed for high-performance mining operations. It boasts a powerful hashrate of 12500 MH/s, making it ideal for large-scale miners. This model operates at a power consumption of 2300W and has a power efficiency of 0.18 J/MH. With dimensions of 213mm x 295mm x 400mm and a weight of 16.4 KG, it is a robust machine built for serious mining tasks. Its size and weight are suitable for most professional mining farms, ensuring seamless integration into existing setups.

The EZ100-C model provides a flexible solution with two operating modes: ECO Mode and Normal Mode. The EZ100-C in ECO Mode delivers a hashrate of 2700 MH/s with a power consumption of just 350W, achieving an impressive power efficiency of 0.13 J/MH. In ECO Mode, the overall noise level is below 40dB, making it perfectly suitable for home environments. This makes it an excellent choice for home miners who need a quieter setup that still maintains high efficiency. In Normal Mode, the EZ100-C offers a hashrate of 3200 MH/s at 570W, with a power efficiency of 0.18 J/MH, providing a balanced option for both home and professional use. The EZ100-C’s dimensions are 133mm x 412mm x 441mm, and it weighs 12.3 KG, making it more compact and lighter than the EZ100 model.

All models in the BOMBAX Miner series support the ETCHash and ETHash algorithms, making them versatile for various cryptocurrency mining tasks. The series is designed to cater to a wide range of mining needs, from those requiring maximum computational power to those needing a balance between performance and energy consumption.

The BOMBAX Miner series offers tailored solutions for different mining environments. The EZ100 is perfect for high-demand operations, while the EZ100-C, with its ECO and Normal modes, provides flexibility and efficiency, ensuring that there is a suitable model for every miner’s specific needs.

Dua-Mining and Mining Revenue

Dual mining refers to the process of mining two different cryptocurrencies simultaneously, thereby enhancing miners’ profitability. Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Zilliqa (ZIL) dual mining is a popular choice because both cryptocurrencies use similar algorithms, allowing miners to mine both without significantly increasing energy consumption. By dual mining, miners can maximize the utilization of their hardware and boost overall earnings, providing a competitive edge in the market. This approach not only increases profit margins but also offers more earning opportunities.

Let us dive into the mining revenue of EZ100 and EZ100-c. The table compares different mining models and modes of the BOMBAX EZ100 and EZ100-C. The EZ100 in Normal Mode offers a high hashrate of 12500M with a power consumption of 2300W, producing 1.2 ETC daily. The EZ100-C provides two modes: ECO Mode with a hashrate of 2700M, consuming 350W and producing 0.3 ETC, and Normal Mode with a hashrate of 3200M, consuming 570W and producing 0.3 ETC. These variations allow miners to choose the best balance between power efficiency and mining output for their specific needs. We have used 6 cents per kWh as the average electricity cost in our calculations.

Model Mode Hashrate Power Consumption Produced (24h) Daily Cost Profits (24h)
EZ100 Normal Mode 12500M 2300W 1.16370904 ETC $3.31 $34.06
EZ100-C ECO Mode 2700M 350W 0.25166595 ETC $0.50 $7.58
EZ100-C Normal Mode 3200M 570W 0.29811502 ETC $0.82 $8.75


Bombax Miner focuses on developing advanced crypto mining servers. The design team, composed of industry-leading semiconductor experts, is driven by innovation to maximize processor technology and revolutionize the industry.

Craftsmanship is a passion for Bombax, from designing outstanding products to supporting every customer. Their mission is to create products that enhance the next-gen blockchain experience. BOMBAX offers the highest hashrate ASIC miners available.

Miner Coins Hashrate Power Consumption
BOMBAX EZ100 ETC 12500M 2300W
JASMINER X16-P ETC 5800M 1900W
Forest EPU XC ETC 4250M 3315W
Antminer E9 Pro ETC 3680M 2200W
iPollo V1 ETC 3600M 3100W
Forest EPU 2-C ETC 3600M 3500W

The table compares different mining models, highlighting the BOMBAX EZ100 as the most powerful with a hashrate of 12500M. It offers the highest efficiency with a power consumption of 2300W. This makes it the most profitable option. The BOMBAX EZ100’s superior performance and efficiency position it as the leading choice for miners seeking maximum returns.