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The Emergence of GoldShell AL BOX, Alephium as the New Opportunity in the Halving Era


GoldShell has introduced a new miner called the GoldShell AL BOX. This miner features a remarkable hashrate of 360G while only consuming 180 watts of power, which is a notable enhancement compared to earlier models. With the current value of coins, the GoldShell AL BOX has the potential to earn up to 100 USD daily, providing an exciting prospect for miners focused on high performance and efficiency.

About Alephium

Alephium, a high-performance public blockchain platform based on a novel sharding algorithm, offers scalability without compromising decentralization and security. ALPH serves as the native token of the platform.

Standing as the world’s first functional sharded blockchain, ALPH introduces scalable Ethereum-inspired smart contracts and clean energy into the realm of Bitcoin’s attempt and real core technology while maintaining exceptional speed. With a focus on user-friendliness and functionality, Alephium emerges as an ideal platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and open protocols.

Unlike existing mainstream solutions, Alephium implements innovative protocols like BlockFlow and Proof-of-Less-Work (PoLW). BlockFlow doesn’t rely on a beacon chain or decentralized random number generation, making it more elegant and practical. These protocols drive Alephium’s operations, offering efficient and reliable stateful UTXO shards through BlockFlow and reducing mining energy consumption with PoLW, utilizing a unique blend of physical effort and token economics.

Alephium boasts several advantages over other sharding projects, achieving full-dimensional blockchain sharding and providing a permissionless decentralized platform where anyone can contribute to network consensus. Its user experience remains similar to non-sharded blockchains, thanks to supporting single-step cross-shard transactions, while its elegant and practical design makes it faster to achieve a usable mainnet compared to other projects.

Moreover, the ALPH token, Alephium’s native cryptocurrency, plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. The following table illustrates the distribution of ALPH tokens:

Allocation Purpose Token Amount
Mined at Mainnet Launch 140,000,000 ALPH
Reserved for Sales 80,000,000 ALPH
Community Development 30,000,000 ALPH
Team Rewards and Expansion 30,000,000 ALPH

These tokens facilitate various functions within the Alephium ecosystem, including rewarding miners for processing blocks on the chain and paying transaction fees. Additionally, ALPH tokens can be utilized across the entire Alephium network.

How to mine: From FPGA and GPU to ASIC, GoldShell and Bitmain are all joining in the game!

Before the advent of GoldShell mining rigs, ALPH could only be mined using FPGA or GPU, which had a very high barrier to entry. However, miners are required to edit the mining software themselves, posing a significant challenge, and making it virtually impossible for ordinary miners to achieve profitability.

GoldShell AL BOX offers new home mining opportunity. Let us dive into more details on it.

With surprising hashrate of 360 GH/s with only 180W power consumption, the GoldShell AL BOX miner significantly increases the hashrate level, reaching 180 times that of graphics cards, while power consumption remains almost at the same level. Based on the current total network hashrate, the daily net income is about 100 USD. Unlike traditional ASIC miners, the BOX series is specifically designed for home users. It features a compact size, is easy to carry, and eliminates the need for time-consuming maintenance.

Nvidia RTX 4090 5.792 GH/s 318 W 1.64 0.76 0.88
Nvidia RTX 4080 3.438 GH/s 218 W 0.97 0.52 0.45
AMD RX 6900 XT 2.616 GH/s 323 W 0.74 0.78 -0.03
Nvidia RTX 4070Ti 2.611 GH/s 141 W 0.74 0.34 0.40
Nvidia RTX 3080Ti 2.331 GH/s 196 W 0.66 0.47 0.19
Nvidia RTX 3090 2.229 GH/s 246 W 0.63 0.59 0.04
Nvidia RTX 3080 1.960 GH/s 139 W 0.55 0.33 0.22
Nvidia RTX 2080Ti 1.824 GH/s 155 W 0.52 0.37 0.14
Nvidia RTX 4070 1.755 GH/s 99 W 0.50 0.24 0.26
GoldShell AL BOX 360.0 GH/s 180W 102.5 0.46 102

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