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Bitmain Unveils Antminer S21 Pro, Surpassing Bitdeer with Next-Gen Bitcoin Mining Innovation


The tech titans Bitmain and Bitdeer are well-known for their storied rivalry, each striving to outdo the other and continually pushing the boundaries of miner capabilities. Just two weeks ago, the industry was abuzz when Bitdeer, a NASDAQ-listed blockchain powerhouse, announced its cutting-edge AISC chip, SEAL01, leveraging advanced 4nm technology for unmatched energy efficiency at 18.1J/TH. This innovation seemed set to redefine mining efficiency standards and shape the future landscape with SEALMINER A1 miner.

But Bitmain wasn’t far behind. At their latest event, WDMS, they revealed the Antminer S21 Pro. It’s powerful, with 234T hashrate, and uses only 15.0J/T. This release is the latest in the ongoing competition between Bitmain and Bitdeer, showing how they keep pushing mining tech forward. Let’s dive into what the Antminer S21 Pro brings to the table.


This weekend, Bitmain, one of the biggest Bitcoin mining manufacturers, announced the launch of the Antminer S21 Pro during the 2024 Global Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) hosted by the company. This new miner is an upgrade to their most efficient mining device, the S21, showing marked improvements in both efficiency and power.

At the launch, Bitmain’s mining VP, Irene, highlighted that the Antminer S21 Pro boasts a hash rate of 234 TH/s with an energy efficiency of 15.0 J/TH, a significant improvement over the S21’s 200 TH/s and 17.5 J/TH energy efficiency. Designed to withstand challenging conditions, the device can operate at temperatures up to 45°C (113°F). With a post-halving dollar per terahash exchange rate of $18.9/TH, Bitmain plans to start shipping the device in the third quarter of 2024. This announcement comes seven months after the introduction of the Antminer S21.

Given the constraints, let’s visualize how the table would look with both S21 and S21 Pro models having identical specifications

Model S21 S21 Pro
Algorithm SHA256 SHA256
Hashrate, TH/s 200 234
Power on wall @25°C, Watt 3500 3510
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 17.5 15
Operation temperature, °C 0~45 0~45

This structured comparison clearly shows that the S21 and S21 Pro models share the same specifications, while with likely the same power consumption, Antminer S21 Pro is running with 15% more hashrate comparing with S21.

Mining Revenue

This table below provides a concise summary of the mining performance across 3 different cryptocurrencies: SPACE, BTC, and BCH, with the same hashrate and power consumption for each. It shows the amount produced in 24 hours, the current price of each coin, the revenue generated, the daily cost of electricity at $0.06 per kWh, and the final profits after deducting electricity costs. Given the details provided for mining various cryptocurrencies, here’s how the data would be structured in a table format:

Coin Hashrate Power Consumption Produced (24h) Daily Cost (0.06 $/kWh) Profits (24h)
SPACE 235T 5360W 1.285 SPACE $5.05 $20.20
BTC 235T 5360W 0.000366 BTC $5.05 $20.05
BCH 235T 5360W 0.038 BCH $5.05 $18.9

MVC (SPACE) is known as a great sidechain for Bitcoin, sharing the same basic structure and rules, like how many coins there are. This means MVC can match every part of Bitcoin, acting like a sidechain that balances with Bitcoin. MVC is special because it has the first smart contract system that works with Bitcoin’s setup and can handle more than 10,000 transactions per second in tests. It already has over 20 apps, more than 10,000 people using it, and is getting ready to let lots of apps be built on Bitcoin for many users. We’ll talk more about how to mine on Bitcoin’s Layer 2 network in future articles, showing how MVC helps grow what Bitcoin can do.

The table below showcases the hash rate specifications of mainstream miners available in the market. It’s evident that energy efficiency greatly affects the breakeven price of mining operations. Even slight differences in energy efficiency can significantly impact, making your mining activities more secure and potentially profitable. This highlights the critical importance of evaluating the energy consumption and efficiency of miners when devising your mining strategy.

Miner Hashrate Power Consumption Unit Power Breakeven Price
Antminer S21 Pro 234T 3510W 15W/T $ 14350
Antminer S21 Hyd. 335T 5360W 16.0W/T $14792
Antminer S21 200T 3500W 17.5W/T $16179
Sealminer A1 220T 4000W 18.1 W/T $ 17354
Whatsminer M66S(390T) 390T 7215W 18.5W/T $17103
Whatsminer M63(366T) 366T 7283W 19.9W/T $18396
Antminer S19 XP Hyd. 255T 5304W 20.8W/T $19229
Whatsminer M56S++ 254T 5588W 22.0W/T $20339

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