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KAS Miners Bolster Ranks with Bitmain’s Cutting-Edge Antminer KS5 Series!

Antminer KS5: A New Contender Enters the Arena

On February 24th, Bitmain, a leading company in blockchain technology, released its latest ANTMINER KASPA miners, the Antminer KS5Pro and Antminer KS5. These models have surpassed expectations, setting new industry standards. Antminer KS5Pro has an impressive hashrate of up to 21T, and Antminer KS5 follows closely at 20T. Both models have excellent hashrates and groundbreaking energy efficiency ratios of 150J/T.

The launch was a great success, with every unit sold immediately. This shows high anticipation and confidence in KAS mining from the cryptocurrency community, indicating a bright future for KASPA mining.

Bitmain’s new release announcement is a great move for the mining industry. The launch of a higher hashrate Kaspa miner follows current market trends and requirements.

The transition from Antminer KS3 to the Antminer KS5 and Antminer KS5 Pro models represents significant progress in the ANTMINER KASPA series. These models have improved the hashrate and performance by over 100%, breaking previous industry records. This continuous progress demonstrates Bitmain’s leading position in blockchain innovation and its strong ability to navigate complex blockchain technology.

KAS Hits Up the Market

KASPA‘s value has significantly increased over the past month, rising by over 80%. This indicates its strong performance and the huge potential it holds in the blockchain industry. Like Bitcoin, KASPA uses a Proof of Work (PoW) mining method, which helps maintain the integrity of its block structure.

At its core, KASPA cleverly combines the BLOCKDAG structure with the GHOSTDAG protocol, which is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and powered by the unique KHeavyHash algorithm. This complex algorithm requires miners to have a lot of memory capacity to process large amounts of computational data, highlighting the technical expertise needed for mining KASPA.

Specifications of the Antminer KS5 Series

Let’s delve deeper into the intricate performance features and detailed operational efficiency of Antminer KS5 miners.

Antminer KS5 series, with its dual-fan cooling system, maintains optimal operating temperatures and resembles conventional air-cooled mining devices. Its compact and sleek design allows it to fit into various mining setups, from large-scale industrial mining farms to smaller home setups. Despite its small size, it doesn’t compromise on power or efficiency, making it a strong competitor in cryptocurrency mining. Its modern cooling technology and adaptable design make Antminer KS5 series a practical and efficient solution for today’s digital currency mining needs.

MODEL Antminer KS5 (20Th)
ALSO KNOWN AS Antminer KS5 Kaspa Miner
RELEASE March 2024
SIZE 195 x 290 x 430mm
WEIGHT 16100g
FAN(S) 2
HUMIDITY 5 – 95 %

Revenues of the Antminer KS5 Mining

In terms of profitability, Antminer KS5 emerges as the leading ASIC mining unit in today’s market, offering unparalleled earnings prospects for miners.

Daily, this exceptional mining device produces an impressive 1329 KAS, equating to an approximate value of 230 USD, based on the market dynamics and mining difficulty as of March 1st, 2024. Delving into operational expenses, specifically electricity, and utilizing a typical residential rate of $0.06 per kilowatt-hour for our calculations, the daily operational cost for a KS5 miner is merely 4.3 USD. Subtracting this expense leaves a significant daily net profit of 225 USD.


KAS Miners Comparison

Now, let’s compare the KS5 with other leading Kaspa mining rigs in terms of hashrate and efficiency. Below is a quick comparison chart of top Kaspa miners for your reference.

Selection of an Optimal Mining Pool

Venturing beyond the traditional realms of BTC mining, the KAS ecosystem presents an impressively decentralized node landscape, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall stability and security of the blockchain network.

To assist you in navigating this landscape, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the top ten mining pools. When it comes to the reliability and steadiness of returns, these pools emerge as excellent choices, offering a solid foundation for your mining endeavors and ensuring a consistent flow of mining rewards.

No. Mining Pool Fee Mining Mode Hashrate
1 1% PPLNS 52.75 PH/s
2 0.75% PPLNS 31.31 PH/s
3 0.75% PPLNS/SOLO 27.94 PH/s
4 1% PPLNS 7.69 PH/s
5 0.5% PPLNS 7.10 PH/s
6 5.99 PH/s
7 1% PPLNS 4.87 PH/s
8 0.9% PROP/SOLO 3.55 PH/s
9 0.45% PPS+ 3.37 PH/s
10 4% / 2% / 1% PPS+ / PPLNS / SOLO 2.71 PH/s