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Goldshell SC Lite Siacoin Miner: New Era of Home Mining

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In recent years, cryptocurrency mining has grown from a niche hobby to a major global industry. With this progression, the demand for efficient, quiet, and user-friendly mining equipment has increased. The Goldshell SC Lite 4.4 TH/s Siacoin Miner, which was released in January 2024, represents a new age of home mining. The SC Lite, made by Goldshell, is a noteworthy advancement in home mining technology because it combines effectiveness, quiet operation, and user-friendliness.

Compact Design

The size and weight of the Goldshell SC Lite are among its most noticeable characteristics. With dimensions of 264 x 200 x 290 mm and a weight of 8100g, it is made to be both sturdy and small. Because of its two fans, the miner’s design also prioritizes noise reduction, with a noise level of just 55 dB. Because of this, it is appropriate for homes where noise pollution may be an issue.

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Power and Efficiency

With a 950W power consumption, the Goldshell SC Lite is a miner that is energy-efficient. One of the main features of its design is its efficiency, which sets it apart from many other miners on the market in terms of both cost and environmental friendliness.

Perfect for Home Mining

The Goldshell SC Lite is unique in that it is committed to serving the demands of home miners. Because of its lightweight design and noise reduction feature, mining can now take place anywhere without the limitations of conventional mining rigs. Its strong hashrate and sophisticated noise reduction feature make it the perfect option for anyone wishing to mine cryptocurrency from the comfort of their own home.

Running Status

Plug it in and the connection done.

After about 5 minutes, we can see the mining status. The hashrate is up to 4.4Th/s quickly.

Goldshell SC Lite Running Status

And it’s silent, we cannot hear any noise.

About Siacoin Mining

Recently the transaction of Siacoin has been on a nice little run right now, which catch some Siacoin enthusiasts’ attentionWe can see that it slumps down at 0.0025 and it is up to 0.013 last week. Now it is now stable at around 0.008. It’s gone up about four times. It has gone up significantly.

If you have low electricity cost, you can take it consideration without hesitation.


With the Goldshell SC Lite 4.4 TH/s Siacoin Miner, cryptocurrency mining enters a new age. It serves the increasing number of home miners who are looking for mining solutions that are effective, silent, and potent. The SC Lite is more than simply a mining rig thanks to its sophisticated features, energy-efficient construction, and simple operation; it’s a monument to the advancements in bitcoin mining technology that make it useful and accessible to regular people.