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How to Choose A Ethereum Miner

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic uses a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), combining the best features of both coins. Because it provides both the flexibility of Ethereum Smart Contracts and the decentralization of Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is special. This in turn sparked miners’ curiosity about trying their hand at ETC mining on a global scale, opening the door for the release of many Ethereum Classic Miners.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in or want to try ETC mining but are unsure which ETC miner to choose for your mining endeavors. You will learn about all the different facets of ETC mining in this blog, including profitability and prospects for the future.

Types of ASIC Miners

Advanced crypto mining devices known as ASIC miners are precisely tuned for a particular mining algorithm. As a result, even with the mining difficulty, they may effectively mine the desired cryptocurrency. Let’s look at the most widely used crypto mining algorithms and the most mined cryptocurrencies, even if there are several algorithms according to different cryptocurrencies.

Mining Algorithm Mineable Cryptocurrency
SHA-256 Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Terracoin, BitcoinSV, Acoin, etc.
EThash Ethereum Classic, Etho, Ubiq, Expanse, etc.
Scrypt Dogecoin, Litecoin, Florincoin, DigiByte, Auroracoin, etc.
X11 Dash, Onix, Axe, CannabisCoin, etc.
Equihash Zcash, ZenCash, Horizen, Komodo, etc.

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Things to consider while buying ASIC Miners

Investing in high-quality mining hardware is essential to your cryptocurrency mining endeavors. Before making an ASIC miner purchase, take into account the following points.

1. Cryptocurrency you intend to mine

The price of cryptocurrency fluctuates greatly and it is very volatile. Your mining profitability is directly impacted by the price of the coin you mine. Thus, picking a cryptocurrency with a stable price history is crucial. Thus, do your homework, examine the market, and select a cryptocurrency with a reasonable price range.

2. The Cost of ASIC Miner

Mining cryptocurrency requires a lot of processing power. Cryptocurrency may be mined effectively by ASIC miners that are finely tuned for that particular mining algorithm without overheating the device. But the cost of ASIC miners is more than that of CPU or GPU, which reduces your profit margins. Therefore, before making an investment in ASIC, miners should think about its pricing.

3. The Hash Rate of the ASIC

The hardware’s speed at solving the calculations each second is what determines the hash rate. Thus, your chances of mining bitcoins increase with hash rate. Prior to purchasing the ASIC, consider its hash rate.

4. The Energy Consumption of the Miner

The energy-intensive nature of cryptocurrency mining will affect your mining earnings. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the energy consumption of the hardware and the cost of electricity in your area in order to control your electricity bills and increase your mining revenues.

Why ASIC Miners?

Because they are precisely tuned for particular mining algorithms, Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners are perfect for mining cryptocurrencies. Because of their increased hash rate and reduced energy consumption, these ASIC miners assist miners in mining their favorite cryptocurrency effectively. Furthermore, an ASIC can mine any cryptocurrency that uses that algorithm if it is designed for that specific algorithm. An ASIC miner that has been optimized for the EThash algorithm, for example, can mine any cryptocurrency that uses that algorithm.

How do we pick the Best ETH Miners?

Here is the list of things to check for the most suitable ETH miner.

  1. The hash rate of the miner
  2. The energy efficiency of the ETH miner
  3. Reputability of the mining hardware’s manufacturer
  4. The upfront cost of the ETH miner
  5. The cooling system of the ASIC
  6. Noise level of the miner
  7. Scalability of the miner
  8. Compatibility of the miner with the mining pool
  9. Reviews of the miner

Ethereum Classic Miner Jasminer X16-Q

When it comes to the best Ethereum Classic miners, Jasminer X16-Q is ranked second. The Jasminer X16-Q mining hardware is optimized for the EThash algorithm right out of the box from a reputable vendor. With a mere 620W of power consumption, it achieves an exceptional hash rate of 1950Mh/s. With two high-speed fans, its effective air cooling system quickly dissipates the heat produced during cryptocurrency mining. Because of its exquisite appearance and lightweight 10000g, miners find the Jasminer X16-Q more appealing. Make sure the space where you store your Jasminer X16-Q is well-ventilated, with an ambient temperature between 0 and 40 °C and a humidity level between 5 and 95%.


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Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro 3.68Gh/s / 3.68Gh/s ETC Miner

The well-known mining gear company Bitmain’s Antminer E9 Pro is expertly tuned for the EThash algorithm, allowing miners to mine Ethereum Classic in spite of the difficulty and competition of the market. With an outstanding hash rate of 3.68Gh/s, miners may successfully mine new currency and solve puzzles more quickly. It has four high-speed fans to cool the machine, and its design is standard for the industry. The miner cools more quickly when it is placed in an open area with adequate airflow. For the Antminer E9 Pro, the ideal ambient temperature range is 0 to 40 °C, with a humidity range of 10 to 90%.

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Market Outlook & Profitability of Ethereum Classic Miners

Any cryptocurrency mining device’s market potential is influenced by a number of factors, including the brand’s reputation, the cost of the coin you plan to mine, the state of the market, etc. As a result, in addition to the caliber of the mining gear, other variables that affect the profitability of Ethereum Classic mining include the cryptocurrency’s past price, local electricity rates, market movements, and more. Let’s now examine Ethereum Classic’s price history over the previous 12 months.

Selecting the appropriate mining equipment is essential to a profitable mining endeavor. Invest in the best mining hardware if you’re interested in Ethereum Classic mining and want to advance your efforts. I hope that this blog will serve as a helpful resource for you as you choose the best Ethereum Classic miner for your mining requirements. I hope everyone has success mining Ethereum Classic.

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