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Bitcoin Halving Impact on Market and Miners

With 2023 coming to an end, cryptocurrency investors are eagerly awaiting the next Bitcoin halving, which is slated for 2024. The BTC halving, which takes place once every four years, strengthens Bitcoin’s position as digital gold. The most well-known cryptocurrency’s capacity to sustain consistent value rise is generally accepted to be intimately related to its scarcity.

Bitcoin halving overview

The network experiences a halving of bitcoin every four years. In order to add fresh blocks to the system, Bitcoin miners will earn a smaller block reward. In 2009, the reward for each block was established at 50 Bitcoin. In 2012, it was halved to 25 Bitcoin, and in 2016, it was further reduced to 12.5 Bitcoin. This event affects the economics of Bitcoin mining as well as supply control by encouraging miners to become more productive and adjust to less incentives.

Supply and demand dynamics

The dynamics of supply and demand for bitcoin are directly impacted by the halving of the cryptocurrency. Halving essentially lowers the amount of Bitcoin that is available by slowing down the rate at which new Bitcoin is brought to the market.

Basic economic theory states that the price of Bitcoin tends to climb as supply declines and demand either stays the same or rises.

If supply is restricted, the scarcity effect could result in price hikes if demand stays the same or rises.

Bitcoin’s value proposition heavily relies on its limited supply, which consists of 21 million coins. Up until the maximum supply is reached, the halving mechanism progressively lowers the rate of new Bitcoin production.

A sense of limited availability is created by this scarcity along with growing acceptance and recognition, which may raise demand and have an effect on pricing.

Market Impact of Bitcoin Halving

The biggest influence on the price of BTC is Bitcoin halvings. A BTC halving, from the tokenomics perspective, progressively reduces the rate at which BTC is produced. Demand for Bitcoin is rising as more people become aware of it and put it in their portfolios as investor opinions are shifting due to it. Furthermore, some early users permanently lost their holdings because they mismanaged their private keys, which further decreased the amount of Bitcoin in circulation. Decentralized wallets require users to manage them individually.

Several past halving events had seen price increases of more than twofold due to a confluence of circumstances such as a slowing supply, increasing demand, a steady total supply, and the permanent loss of some coins, which were all compounded by supply-demand dynamics and market emotion.

Having said that, it is inappropriate for us to limit our conversation to the topic of cost. Investors who do not experience direct losses in the event that prices do not rise will nevertheless benefit financially from the halving due to passive price changes. However, the effects are more nuanced for miners.

Bitcoin Halving’s Impact on Miners

The most obvious effect of halving on miners is a halving of the block reward, which, under the assumption of constant network hashrate, expenses, and pricing, translates into a daily income reduction of half.

It is obvious that miners will become more cost-sensitive after the halving. Nevertheless, our estimates make assumptions about fixed variables that are not true in practice, such as pricing and network hashrate. Miners might keep or even increase their present profit margins if the price of BTC quadrupled following the subsequent halving, as was the case with previous halvings.

In addition, a decrease in the BTC hashrate could occur if miners decide to cease operations because of the high costs. For example, the BTC hashrate began to decline at about 130 EH/s after the third halving in May 2020 and peaked at 81.66 EH/s. Persistent miners would benefit from a larger market share and higher earnings as a result of this trend.

To sum up, the halving of Bitcoin has a major effect on the supply dynamics of the cryptocurrency, which in turn affects the price and sentiment of the market.

It is essential for participants to comprehend these consequences in order to navigate the constantly changing bitcoin market.

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