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Mining With the Jasminer X16-Q High Throughput Quiet Server

In Ethereum Classic, mining plays a crucial role as a proof of work blockchain (ETC). The miners’ duties include continuously gathering transactions, batching them, and putting in a lot of effort and electricity to create a cryptographic stamp that seals the blocks. After that, they distribute the blocks to the rest of the network, which uses the freshly generated ETC currency to pay the miners and validates the transactions and cryptographic stamps. The proofs of labor themselves serve as the main points of decentralization for the worldwide network of ETC, making this procedure essential to the network’s permissionlessness and resistance to censorship. This article will describe how to use the Jasminer X16-Q to mine Ethereum and earn money.

1. Buying the Jasminer X16-Q

The Jasminer X16-Q must be purchased initially. Two potential locations were identified: the Jasminer manufacturer and additional vendors. You may definitely purchase from us.

Link to where you may purchase the Jasminer X16-Q is:

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2. Jasminer X16-Q Unboxing

Your Jasminer X16-Q will come with an Ethernet cable, a server power cord, and an antenna if you want to connect it via WiFi. In our instance, we’ll use an Ethernet cable to link it over our neighborhood WiFi router. Since the Jasminer requires an input of 200 to 240 volts, we also want a power step up transformer because we are located in Oklahoma, USA, where the electrical supply is 110 volts. As can be seen in the picture, our internet router, transformer (together with its power cord), ethernet cable, and Jasminer ASIC are all positioned for setup and connection.


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3. Jasminer X16-Q Connection

Connecting all the components and turning on your Jasminer X16-Q is the next step to begin mining ETC.

As seen in the picture, three things need to be connected:

1. If you have a transformer, connect the Jasminer ASIC to it (if not, connect it straight to the wall).

2. The transformer to the wall-mounted power outlet.

3. Connect the Ethernet connection from the Jasminer ASIC to your router.
After connecting every component, activate the Jasminer by pressing the power button located on its rear.


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4. Experience How Quiet the Jasminer X16-Q Is!

One feature that lives up to the brand promise of the Jasminer is how silent it is when you first connect and use it!

5. Finding and Logging in to the Jasminer X16-Q User Interface

Once everything is operational and connected, you must proceed to your PC and log into the Jasminer X16-Q user interface.

Your PC and Jasminer need to be linked to the same router in order for you to be able to accomplish this.

You have to modify your password on the “Settings” page after logging in.

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6. Getting the Mining Pool Configuration Information

After setting up your Jasminer and getting it ready to mine, you must access your mining pool to obtain the configuration data that your Jasminer X16-Q needs to be pointed at.

7. Configuring the Jasminer X16-Q With the Mining Pool Data

Return to the “Settings” tab and select the “Miner” option to set your miner to point to your mining pool.
You will see forms with fields to enter the data for many pools on the next screen. This allows your miner to switch to a backup pool in the event that the primary one goes down. We will add the ETC pool URL to the “Pool 1” column since F2pool provided us with just one to use. The pool URL should be copied and pasted into the relevant area. Next, the worker name needs to be your F2pool user ID, then a dot, and finally a number or name that you can give your miner.

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8. Checking the Mining Statistics on the Jasminer X16-Q

You are mining ETC as soon as you click “SUBMIT” in the preceding step! You will have to wait a few minutes for the dashboard to fill in before you can view your Jasminer’s data on its user interface. We have been mining ETC for more than 50 minutes, as visible in the image in this part, therefore the Jasminer dashboard contains all the statistics for that time. The hashrate is displayed minute by minute on the main chart. This machine has a capacity of 1900 MH/s, which it has constantly maintained at that level. It also displays network data, fan speeds, and the amount of time mined.

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We therefore congratulate you on becoming an ETC miner now that your Jasminer X16-Q High Throughput Quiet Server is configured and operational!

It’s worth mentioning that mineable Coins of JASMINER X16-Q also includes AVS, BTN, CAU, XPB, OCTA and ZIL.According to data from a mining blogger, the daily rewards for all coins are around 10U, and the recent surge in PowBlocks has resulted in the reward reaching over 20U.

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