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Recently, many customers asking us to give them some suggestions about how to mining efficiently cause some of them do not find a right place to mine and some of them think the electricity in their area is too expensive. So hosting service will be a great choice for these users. In this article, we will make an detailed explanantion.

IceRiver KAS KS3M

As we all know, KAS has recently been on a positive run, defying larger market volatility. According to online data, Kaspa is one of the few tokens currently reaching all-time highs. Most cryptocurrencies are trading much below their all-time highs following the recent crypto winter.

IceRiver KAS KS3M is indeed excellent crypto hardware. Especially with the KAS price surging, IceRiver KS3M is in high demand. Hosting service can be convenient way to customers.

IceRiver KAS KS3M is a premium Kaspa miner with a maximum hash rate of 6000 GH/s that has been fine-tuned for the KHeavyHash algorithm. With a power usage of 3400W, the KS3M allows miners to efficiently mine Kaspa coins regardless of mining difficulty. The Iceriver KS3M KAS miner operates well at 170-300V AC.

IceRiver KAS KS3M’s effective air cooling system immediately absorbs the heat generated while crypto mining, allowing for optimum long-term performance. It is highly recommended that a proper air temperature of 0–35 °C and a humidity level of 10–90 °C be maintained for optimal mining performance.

Mining Hosting Process

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When you acquire our IceRiver KAS KS3M hosting service, we guarantee the swift transfer of the purchased managed mining machine to our US-based mining farm before NOV 30th if you buy the batch of Nov 15-30th. Our skilled technicians will then handle the deployment and distribution of the mining machine. Once the deployment and allocation of mining machines are completed, new mining machines entering the hosting system require a prepayment of 60 days’ worth of electricity and machine setup fees. Electricity fees are charged at $0.08 per kWh, and the setup fee is $20 per machine.

After the payment of electricity and setup fees is completed, you can configure the mining machine with your mining pool connection and wallet address. Once the machine setup is complete, you can start mining to earn a stable income. After configuring the mining machine, we will provide you with mining machine maintenance services. You can enter the hosting system to monitor your mining machine’s hashrate in real-time and top up your electricity fees.

And for sure, If you don’t need hosting service, you can buy miners from us and we will ship it to you directly.

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