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MicroBT, a leading mining hardware manufacturer, introduces the WhatsMiner M60 Series, which features next-generation Bitcoin mining rigs.

At the Blockchain Life 2023 event in Dubai, MicroBT, a notable Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, made an industry-leading announcement in hash efficiency. The Whatsminer M60 series of mining rigs, which include hydro, immersion, and air-cooling variants, was presented by the business.


The debut of MicroBT’s new range of Bitcoin miners, which leverage remarkable specifications and industry-leading energy efficiency, will theoretically have a substantial impact on the overall Bitcoin network hashrate. As the mining field advances, miners are compelled to employ more powerful and energy-efficient technology in order to remain competitive. Furthermore, a mining farm in Iceland, where ambient temperature cooling is free, and one in the thick of Texas heat have quite distinct heat management logistical difficulties. With their various cooling systems, the latest WhatsMiner models make a big stride in catering to such diverse operations.

Whatsminer M66 and Whatsminer M66S

The hashrates of the WhatsMiner M66S and WhatsMiner M66 immersion cooling models range from 298TH/s to 270TH/s and from 276TH/s to 240TH/s, respectively. Both have impressive energy efficiency ratings of 18.5 J/T and 19.9 J/T. This means that miners who use these rigs can dramatically improve their hashing capacity while lowering their energy costs. This means a more efficient mining operation and lower operational costs.

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Whatsminer M63 and Whatsminer M63S

The hydro-cooling variants, WhatsMiner M63S and WhatsMiner M63, on the other hand, are meant to give even higher hashrates, ranging from 390TH/s to 360TH/s and from 366TH/s to 334TH/s. The energy efficiency scores of 18.5 J/H and 19.9 J/T provide an outstanding balance of hash and energy usage.

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Whatsminer M60 and Whatsminer M60S

The WhatsMiner M60S and WhatsMiner M60 models offer hashrates ranging from 186Th/s to 170Th/s and from 172Th/s to 150Th/s for miners searching for air-cooling alternatives. These models, with energy efficiency ratings of 18.5 J/T and 19.9 J/T, are well-suited for settings where liquid cooling may not be practicable. They serve a broader range of mining activities, including those in less developed cooling infrastructure regions.

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Miners that choose the M60 series can optimize their operations thanks to the hardware’s performance, which can operate at 80°C. Furthermore, miners who follow ESG mandates for finance will find it simpler to attract investments from institutional actors.

The series is intended to address electricity generating and distribution challenges in order to achieve severe grid management criteria, such as those set by ERCOT in Texas. The cumulative effect of these extremely efficient MicroBT miners on the Bitcoin network hashrate is predicted to be significant, and the quick response of PSU power management within the M60 series is expected to play a critical role in preserving grid load balance.




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