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What is RandomX mining algorithm in Monero?

RandomX is the name of the new mining algorithm for Monero, the privacy coin whose objective is to keep the network protected from ASIC mining, allowing only mining per CPU, and at the same time providing enormous security to its protocol and blockchain .

The RandomX mining algorithm, is an algorithm of Proof of Work (PoW) which has been designed to replace the well-known CryptoNight cryptocurrency privacy Monero (XMR).

Like its predecessor, RandomX was designed to be secure and to be Monero’s new default algorithm. It offers a high level of cryptography, and is focused on systems with privacy and anonymity in mind. But above all, thought to be resistant to mining by ASIC. The latter, a capacity that CryptoNight had lost some time ago, and that it kept afloat with several updates. However, the Monero team made the decision to create a new algorithm from scratch. An algorithm that will take the best of CryptoNight and thus create a new mining base for Monero.

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How does RandomX work?

The rough operation of RandomX is written in its name: randomness is its main premise. But what does this mean? Well, it means that RandomX is designed to create a completely random “work zone” or scratchpad, with a high memory consumption, and that it uses advanced virtualization techniques for its operation. These three pillars are what allow RandomX to be resistant to ASICs.

In fact, RandomX is not only ASIC-resistant, but GPU-resistant as well, as these chips lack the necessary instructions to perform the complicated RandomX operations in the first place. As a result, RandomX seeks to be a CPU-only mining algorithm, offering the highest possible resistance to other types of mining. On the other hand, this is also aimed at avoiding the so-called very famous botnets in Monero, as RandomX will make them almost impossible to implement. Especially in low-power devices, such as Smart TV or IoT devices (Internet of Things or Internet of Things).

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