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ibelink K3 MINI A Good Entry Level Miner for Beginners Small investment with Seady Returns

In this article, we would like to bring you a new model miner from iBelink, iBelink K3 MINI.

iBelink K3 MINI follows the design and interior of K3. They are all for mining KDA coin. iBelink K3 MINI has two working modes: 5T-260W or 3.5T-170W. You can switch modes according to your need.


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Actually, MINI series miners are friendly to beginners. iBelink K3 MINI only has a hashrate of 5T and the daily profit is not very high. And the price of iBelink K3 is cheap. So ibelink K3 MINI is a good entry level miner for beginners. Especially for those who is new to cryptocurrency industry or want to experience mining. It’s a safe choice. Small investment, with steady returns. Easy to use, do not take too much risk. iBelink releasing MINI series miner definitely is a good start. By the way, if you have a solar power installation in your home, the excess electricity can be used for mining, as the power consumption of K3 MINI as low as 170W.

If you want to experience mining, you can’t miss this miner.

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