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The batch of IceRiver KS3 to be shipped at the end of July has finally shipped!!

As of August 1, 2023, our company has completed all deliveries of iceriver KAS machine in July Batch. The following are some delivery details and feedback received by customers.


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Thank the new and old customers for their strong support to Apexto, and all the members of Apexto, especially the colleagues in the Hong Kong warehouse. Due to their efforts  we can deliver more than 1000PCS Iceriver KAS miner perfectly to customers in the first time.

Since last week, our colleagues have begun to plan the shipment of 1~10h August in advance (confirm all the infro. with customers),  so as to hope that the goods will be sent to customers smoothly in the first time when receive at hongkong warehouse.

Now the KAS miner machine has a high profit, and every minute saved is earning profits for our customers, and we will try our best to do a good job in various services.

At present, the number of futures in early August is very small, early buy early income. Missing this batch can only wait until the end of the month. Do not hesitate to contact our sales.

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