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IceRiver KAS Miners KS0 KS1 KS2 Latest News

Apexto was invited by IceRiver to participate in their product showcase on the 25th May. As a new Miner brand, people also have a lot of questions about them. We wrote News of Q&A about Iveriver after the Show case. One month has passed, what is the current situation of Ice river?

I am happy to say, It’s Alive!

We got the KS0 Last week, it with special design which can help machine do better dissipate heat. It’s portable, silent and its power consumption is only 65W. The noise of Iceriver KS0 is 30dB, which is currently the ultra quiet KAS mining equipment on the market, very suitable for Home/Office Mining.

  • Using is also very simple, Just connect the power supply to the miner and power supply, plug in the network cable, turn on the power supply and set it on the computer to start mining.
  • Very friendly to beginners. The Ice River KS0 does not require much electricity, has lower operating costs, shorter payback period, and higher profits, it’s cost-effective mining equipment.


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The Highlight of the Iceriver KS2

  • High Hashrate: The Iceriver KS2 with 2Th/s Hashrate, making it the most powerful among professional machines currently available for mining kas. Compared to GPU mining, the hashrate of Iceriver KS2 is more stable and not affected by the size of graphics memory and driver version.
  • Low power consumption: The power consumption of IceRiver KS2 is only 1200W, equivalent to 600W per T of computing power. This can save electricity bills and improve mining efficiency. The Iceriver KS2 also supports multiple voltage inputs, adapting to the power grid environment in different regions.
  • High Profits: According to the current market situation, the daily profits of Ice River KS2 can reach around $750. This is because kas is an emerging digital currency, with its price and market value constantly rising. Kas’s mining algorithm is KHavyHash, which is a DAG based algorithm that can achieve parallel blocks and real-time transaction confirmation. This enables kas to have faster speed, higher security, and better scalability.
  • Easy to operate: The operation of the Ice River KS2 mining kas is very simple, just connect the power and network cable, set the mining pool address and wallet address, and you can start mining. Iceriver KS2 also supports remote monitoring and management, making it convenient for users to view server status and Profits status at any time.

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So, what will be the price of Kaspa coins (KAS) and the future of Kaspa Mining? Will the launch of Bitmain Antminer KS3 impact the Kaspa mining? The general expectation is that the mining difficulty will increase, affecting profitability.  But what we can confirm is Mining Kas Earlier and can get profits more.

IceRiver also have KS1/KS3/KS3L on Sale, if you are interested, please contact us for more details, we will also update the miner review soon, as we received the first batch Iceriver KS1 and KS2. Please follow us, we will bring more exciting content.

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