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Whether KAS asic miner is worth buying today? Is Ice River, suddenly active in the market, a real company?

We all know that cryptocurrencies are still in a bear market, and all miner returns are not very high. At this time, the asic miner for mining KAS appeared, and the income was amazing, which attracted the attention of many customers. The KAS asic miner currently on the market is Ice River’s KS2 2T, and then bitmain also released the KS3 8.3T. So let’s talk about whether KAS asic miner is worth buying today? Is Ice River, suddenly active in the market, a real company?

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In the cryptocurrency industry, currency prices change very quickly, so when the income of KAS is so high, it is the best to buy miner for mining as soon as possible to make profits and Shorten ROI. The KS3 released by Bitmain will be delivered in August-September this year, while the KS2 of Ice River will be delivered on June 25, and Ice River will also release the KS3 8T soon(delivery in july). The delivery time of Ice River is earlier than bitmain, which makes many customers interested in Ice River.

But Ice River is too mysterious, so everyone is full of doubts about them. Is Ice River a legitimate company? Are they reliable? With these questions in mind, Apexto was invited by Ice River to participate in their product showcase held in Hong Kong.


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Below is the information we got from Ice River:

At the product showcase site of Ice River, we saw the prototypes of KS0 and KS2,

  • KS0:100G 65W–The appearance of KS0 is very small and it’s really quiet.
  • KS2:2T 1200W


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They also introduced their brand, but everyone doesn’t know much about Ice River, and they provide little useful information, which still makes us have doubts about them.

Here are some of the questions we asked Ice River and their responses:

1: Q: Will Ice River deliver on time? Will there be compensation for delay shipments?

A: Ice River will ship the first batch of KS0 and KS2 pre-orders on June 10th, we also ordered 2pcs KS0 miner, Let’s see if they can ship on time;If the shipment is delayed, a compensation plan may be provided, but Ice River has not replied to us about the specific compensation details;

2:Q:For the second batch of pre- orders shipped on June 25, will the miner price change?

A:The price of KS0, KS2 will be cheaper than the first batch, the specific preferential plan will be announced later;

3:Q:We ask whether it is possible to trade on the spot and then pick up the goods?

A:Ice River staff said that they will apply with the company, and may hold an on-site fair for KS2 at the end of June. After payment, we can take away the KS2 miner, and Apexto will have priority;

4:Q:We see that KS2 has a total of 4 hashrate boards. According to past experience, this makes the failure rate higher. How to guarantee after-sales maintenance?

A:Ice River provides a 6-month warranty, but it can only be sent back to Hongkong for repair;

5:Q:Where does the miner ship from?

A:Ice River said it will ship from Hong Kong,Malaysia or Singapore, but we think it is most likely to ship from Hong Kong;

6: Q:According to the current KAS currency price, if the delivery is on time in June, then KS2 can recover the cost in less than 2 months, why do you still sell it?Wouldn’t it be better for you to mine for profit yourself?

A:Regarding this question, they have not responded positively, and our doubts still exist…

Some customers also ask us:

Q:Do you think KAS miner is worth buying?If kaspa disappears, isn’t it very risky?

A:Yes, the customer’s concerns are correct.But we have no way to predict the future trend of KAS,The cryptocurrency market often has both opportunities and risks, so please deliberate well before making a purchase.

Q:What do you think of Ice River?

A:In this industry, we have also witnessed many emerging asic miner brands,Ice River is currently unknown in the market, I think they need to use products and services to reassure customers.

Q:Would you recommend buying Ice River pre-order?

A:If you are not very concerned about the price and are more concerned about safety, I would recommend that wait for Ice River to release, and then buy the in stock; if you want to buy now at a cheap price, then you need to bear the corresponding risk.

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