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Become a Web 3 & Blockchain Developer in 2023

Are you wondering how to become a web 3 blockchain developer?

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With the surge of new technology concepts such as Metaverse and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), the current Internet, which has been running stably for many years, faces the risk of reconstruction. The challenger is generally considered to be the next generation of Internet Web3. etc. as the technical base, challenge the traditional Internet order, use decentralization as a sharp edge to try to break the monopoly of the industry, and give users more rights.

Although the road ahead of Web 3.0 is still full of fog, there are pioneers who have tried the Water Element Universe and accelerated the pace of transformation.

What exactly is Web3.0? Web3.0 is a next-generation distributed Internet form with blockchain and other technologies as the core. Through technical means such as digital identity and smart contracts, the original production relationship is reconstructed, and data ownership and control are returned to production. and users.

The technology behind Web3.0 is blockchain. Distributed bookkeeping and other means ensure the realization of the concept of decentralization, and immutability and uniqueness make it possible to confirm rights.

Web3.0 is not just a simple innovation of the Internet application layer, it may bring about the overall evolution and systematic upgrade of the Internet architecture. It is an exploration of the next-generation Internet framework. Through innovative designs such as consensus protocols, encrypted communications, smart contracts, and distributed applications, it reconstructs the Internet application ecosystem and further leverages the value of data elements. Build value bridges between real and virtual worlds.

On April 11, the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Association was officially established in the lobby of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to its official website, the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Association is a cross-industry and non-profit organization that aims to respond to the call of the country and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to promote the construction of the digital new world Web 3.0 “third-generation Internet” ecological environment in Hong Kong.Hong Kong will also set up a Web 3.0 Hub Fund to support more overseas Web 3.0 companies to settle in Hong Kong.It is a great honor that Shenzhen Apexto Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this inaugural meeting.

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The meeting highlighted 5 advantages of this association as follows:

  1. Based on the principle of “equality, cooperation, and win-win”, use the various resources of the members of the association to establish a communication platform for Web 3.0-related industries, promote cooperation among members and form consensus;
  2. Promote the improvement and application of Web 3.0 technology, formulate Web 3.0 technical standards, stimulate the vitality of kinetic energy conversion, and realize the integrated development of the real economy and the digital economy;
  3. Build a bridge for the members of the Web 3.0 industry chain and the ecosystem to communicate with the government, provide suggestions for improving the development of Web 3.0 in Hong Kong, support the landing of Web 3.0 cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications in Hong Kong, and promote the construction of Hong Kong’s smart city and digital financial center;
  4. To promote information sharing, industrial co-construction, and win-win cooperation among members of the association, and contribute to attracting and cultivating international-level scientific and technological talents and innovative teams;
  5. Take Hong Kong as the starting point and pilot, strengthen its own advantages, introduce talents and resources from all sides, enrich application scenarios, improve service experience, radiate the Greater Bay Area, connect the world, and accelerate the development and transformation process of Web 3.0.

For a city that wants to develop virtual assets (especially NFT), data, finance, technology, culture and other elements are all indispensable. Today, Hong Kong, China has begun to take an important step in policy and supervision, and Hong Kong, China also has unique advantages in the financial field.



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