Avalon Breaks New Ground-Immersion Cooling Miner A1246I

With the fierce competition among mining machine manufacturers, customers’ requirements for the diversification of mining modes have led to the introduction of water coolers (antspace HK3), oil coolers(AP-40, AP-200, C1, C2, B6D ) and the current mature ant water coolers (antminer S19hydro.series and  whatsminer M36S &M56)

Gradually, many customers began to be interested in such machines. Most of the above model have been introduced in detail in previous articles.

Recently Avalon launched a new Immersion Cooling Miner, also attracted much attention. Let’s take a look at it today- Avalon A1246I.

Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner A1246I is Leveraging a mechatronics hardware design, the Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner offers a high degree of integration within single mining modules, running 90 mining module deployments simultaneously. With an overclocked mining ratio of 38%, the Immersion Cooling Miner has a leading edge in computing power, while enabling a noiseless, eco-friendly mining experience.


Hashrate per Units 81Th/s
Power Consumption 3400W(Max)
Power Efficiency 42J

Average temperature of Chips 80°C
Dimensions (L)292.5 * (W)134 * (H)266.2mm
Weight 7.5kg
Number of Immersion Cooled Units 90 Units
Total hashrate 4500Th/s
Power Consumption-Cooling 306KW(Max)
Liquid temperature at inlet 40°C
Liquid temperature at outlet 64°C
Tank Dimensions-Approximate (L)4700 * (W)1200 * (H)1100cm


  1. Overclocked mining reduces cost per terabyte

The Immersion Cooling Miner boasts an overclocking ratio of up to 38%. Its single module only requires two hash boards which provides computing capabilities equivalent to three air-cooled hash boards — offering significant cost-efficiencies per terabyte for customers.

  1. Noiseless and eco-friendly

The Immersion Cooling Miner sees single modules running seamlessly within the liquid coolant, resulting in a noiseless mining experience. With reduction in heat expelled from the hardware, this can help to improve a mining farm’s operating environment, generating cost-savings in cooling expenditure.

  1. Elimination of dust particles prolongs machine lifespan

As the mining module is completely immersed in liquid coolant, this serves to eliminate any possibility of dust absorption within the machine. This helps to reduce electrostatic damage caused by internal microdust particles, thereby prolonging the machine’s lifespan.

This machine has not been shipped in bulk yet. Please pay attention to our official website and we will update it as soon as possible. We also have launched a series of products of oil cooling system and water cooling system. If you are interested in them, you can also open the following links to check them. Any questions, welcome to contact our sales, we will provide you with valuable services



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