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Small Miner at Home! CK Box II Review Nervos Network CKB Coin

Let’s take a look at the Goldshell CK Box II Miner! We’re going to break down how much this cryptocurrency miner costs and how much it mines in passive income, as well as some information about the coin it mines, $CKB (Nervos).

The CK Box II is one of Goldshell’s most recent mining rig releases. This mining rig has a hashrate of about 2.1 Th/s and runs on the Eaglesong algorithm. It mines $CKB, or Nervos, but is it profitable? We’re going to break down this miner’s metrics, power consumption, profitability, and learn more about Nervos in today’s introduce.

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In today’s Short I just got in the Brand New Goldshell CK Box II, which is a Nervos Mini ASIC Crypto Miner! This thing is a beast, putting out 400Watts! Which is nuts compared to some of the other Goldshell Mini ASIC Miners out there. In this video we discuss How Much Money I Can Make Per Day Mining with This New Small CryptoCurrency ASIC Miner! Enjoy this Short but a Full Length introduce will be coming out in 2 weeks showing data on what we actually made.

Miners should all know Goldshell mining machines, their home miner box series, let more customers join the market, due to this series of miner are small, quiet, affordable, friendly to novices, allowing everyone to start mining at home. Today I will show you Goldshell box series, the model is CK BOX 2, In terms of design, the miner uses a black color that is different from other conventional white, this gives it a different appeal and look. The Goldshell CK-BOX 2 has two algorithms and outcomes. The miner offers 1.54 Th and of 260W power consumption. The max hash rate can reach 2.1 Th/s, the max power consumption is 400W. And this means the profitability is different. It`s noise is only 35 decibels, especially suitable for use at home. This miner guarantees 24 hours a day mining non-stop.


Model CK-BOX II from Goldshell mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 2.1Th/s for a power consumption of 400W

The CK-BOX II supports two modes for Nervos mining network: 

Hashrate Mode: 2.1Th/s | Power Consumption: 400W

Low-Power Mode: 1.54Th/s | Power Consumption: 260W

This is your perfect miner for use at home or the office with low power consumption, high hash rate, and reduced noise levels. This miner is energy-efficient, compact in design and easy to mine anytime, anywhere.

Manufacturer Goldshell
Model CK-BOX 2
Also known as CK-BOX 2
Release December 2022
Size 178 x 150 x 84mm
Weight 2000g
Noise level 35db
Fan(s) 1
Power 400W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


CKB mining is very rewarding and efficiently done at home with minimal fuss, minimal power and minimal heat and noise when compared to the larger professional miners. 

The CK Box II steps up with more than double the hashrate of the CK Box with much more power efficiency. 

This is a next generation coin with a great team behind it and some serious potential for growth and rewards. 

This was one of our first coins mined when Andy and I formed Metamining and we see some massive opportunity with this coin.

When you have any questions in the operation of connecting fish pond can choose to browse our operation steps

Proceed steps:

For those looking to start mining, this is the perfect unit to start with. Next, Let me tell you a few things to pay attention to before using this miner. Goldshell CK BOX 2 needs to be equipped with a power supply with a dual interface and an Ethernet cable. Use 1200W PSU conduct power supply.

Now let’s start the setup part of the miner. First step, visit this URL in your browser. Find the CK BOX 2 miner, and click to enter the settings. Second step, click “Unlock” on the top-right corner. Enter the initial password 123456789 to unlock the miner. Third step, click “Miner” on the left side of the page. After entering this page, click “ADD” to enter Pool Config to set up the mining pool information. Enter user name and password, after finishing the setting, click the “Apply” button. The Pool setting shows in green means successfully connected. Last step, click “Home” and go back to the miner page. If the hashrate curve is shown,the mining pool has been successfully linked. Goldshell CK BOX 2 can easily join the mining pool through simple settings. Thanks for your reading, see you next time!

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