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New Exclusive ETC Quiet Server –Jasminer X4-Q (3U-Z)

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JASMINER, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-throughput chip-based servers, has released a new version of JASMINER X4-Q, which is an updated version of the first generation of silent servers, with major changes in appearance and noise reduction, as well as the addition of “3U” in the name to make it cooler and quieter. Industry authorities say the new version of JASMINER X4-Q 3U-Z will be the hottest product in the current emerging market.


JASMINER X4-Q (3U-Z) retains the parameter Settings of the first generation of core, and still adopts the design of 16 memory and computing integrated high-throughput chip technology, so that users only need 480w±10% power consumption to obtain 840MH/s±10% ultra-high computing power. From the perspective of users, It provides the best solution for users to save energy and reduce power cost.

WEIGHT 15.5kg
DIMENSIONS 430x350x132(mm)
COOLING WAY air-cooled

5 – 40 °C



In terms of specification design, the new JASMINER X4-Q 3U-Z also continues to use the innovative 3U form, which is more extensible, and has a modified dual fan heat dissipation system, which reduces the noise value to less than 40dB, comparable to a home computer mainframe. It can be placed in a home room or an IDC room without the noise being detected at all. JASMINER X4-Q solves the problem of loud noise and huge power consumption generated by machine operation, and can bring users more quiet enjoyment. JASMINER has been focusing on the development of energy efficient products and actively helping to build the ETC ecosystem. The JASMINER X4 chip is the result of two years of further innovation and optimization of the core chip architecture by the JASMINER R&D team. With an upgraded high-throughput chip architecture and a more flexible and extensible structural design, the JASMINER X4-Q 3U-Z delivers a product experience with higher computing power, lower power consumption, and lower noise.


In a word, the new JASMINER X4-Q 3u-z has been a brand new debut in the world and started the hot selling mode. In the current X4 product line of JASMINER, it has the unprecedented characteristics of “quiet + high efficiency + energy saving”, and the computing ability has been significantly improved. JASMINER is also the most energy efficient ETC product on present market . Priority recommended if you are interested in Etc mining.

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