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Welcome the new member of the KDA miner’s family-KD BOX II

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KDA coin, as the most popular small currency at present, the KDA miner has been launched by various manufacturers. The following are the machines that have been released and sold at present. See what machines you have on hand to make money for you all day long?


Model KD-BOX 2 from Goldshell mining 2 algorithms (Kadena) with a maximum hashrate of 5Th/s for a power consumption of 400W.


Manufacturer Goldshell
Model KD-BOX 2
Also known as KD-BOX II Kadena
Release December 2022
Size 178 x 150 x 84mm
Weight 2000g
Fan(s) 2
Power 400W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 35 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


  1. New Kadena Miner Provide-New Mining Experience

KD BOX II, Goldshell newest upcoming Kadena miner. Powerful Hashrate with low power consumption. Is the advantage of BOX 11. KD BOX II increased hashrate.that can help you enjoy your crypto journey.

2.Small But Powerful

New outlook with black case giving out a different look of miner. Mining site is all around you. Small, Light, and Quiet are also the advantages of BOX II,Well-organized your box miners in your house.

3.Exquisite Body Design

The whole miner is delicately designed. which is safer and more convenient. At the same time. the compact size is also easier to place, saving space

  1. Advanced Dashboard

Convenient to observe the real-time hashrate Average hashrate and hashrate fluctuations. Providing a user-friendly mining system.

  1. Traceable , Real , And Stable Hashrate

ANTPOOL will provide KDA miner users with a stable KDA mining pool service. Every KDA hashrate plan on online can be monitored in real-time through ANTPOOL, and the mining output will be paid to the user directly.

If you have some KDA mining machines before, KD BOX II is a good choice, because of its high income with low power consumption, if you are still a newer, highly recommend this machine, because it is cost-effective, small return on investment fast.

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