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Recently, the digital currency market has rebounded significantly. Bitcoin, in particular, is up 1.5 percent over the past year and currently trades at $23,776. I believe that some hardware enthusiasts who like to do something about it have already moved their mind — if they buy a mining machine and stomp it at home or work unit, it can not delay the premise of normal work, more than a source of income? Today, we would like to introduce hot presale miner s19jpro+ 122t to you.

Basic performance:

Antminer s19jpro+ is the world’s largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer — Bitmain. The latest flagship mining machine shipped in end of February this year has a reliable architectural design reduce operational costs.

The Antminer s19jpro+ incorporates a single power interface and comes with a locking mechanism. Which is more conducive for maintenance.

In terms of appearance, Antminer machine S19jpro+ adopts the integrated design of “case + power supply”. The size of bare machine is 400*195*290mm. It can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the actual needs of users, with net weight of 14.35kg and gross weight of 16.95kg.

The cooling system consists of two sets of air ducts of different sizes. The outside of the fan is covered with metal grille, which can prevent the user from being injured because of the wrong touch of the fan, and avoid the body being hit by the high-speed rotating fan to the calculation plate and damaging the mining machine.

In terms of interface, the interface control board of Antminer S19jpro+ is reserved with one ETH network cable interface and one TF card brush firmware interface. In addition, there are only one restart button, one IP address button, and one running status indicator module (red/green), which is very simple to operate.

The positive and negative sides of the calculation plate are attached with a large area of metal fins, which are fixed by welding process. The contact surface is firm and tight, giving consideration to the heat dissipation effect and structural reliability.

In terms of power supply, Antminer S19jpro+ uses a new upgraded special power supply. 220-277V AC volatage input compatibility. No converter needed, the Antminer S19j pro+ adapts to the world’s mainstream data centers located in the USA, Australia, Norway, Thailand, etc

Calculation performance:

Impressive Hashrate, pioneering power efficiency

The Antminer S19jpro+ redefines mining by achieving an outstanding hashrate of 122T

delivering an excellent power efficiency as low as 27.5J/T.

Bitcoin, the most successful venture capital product of the past decade, is worth investing in for mining believers.

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In summary, S19jpro+ mining machine is the BTC mienr with the highest hashrate and the lowest power consumption in the current air cooling, which is also available for overclocking. The hashrate is higher than 200T after overclocking, shortening the product ROI.

The new product warranty is with 12 months, the design of the whole machine is very reasonable, easy to operate for everybody.



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