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Why is a bear market better suited to buy miners?

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The Virtual currency market is cyclical same as Stock, with periods of growth and corrections. Markets can’t go up all the time, so it’s normal and healthy to go down.

 I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth! So brace yourself for a cyclical downturn. Better yet, plan for them- what will you do when the market tanks?

I believe many people have heard such a saying, “bull market speculation, bear market mining”, This is a summary of market rules, but also a reasonable risk aversion. Bear markets are inevitable, and futures shorting has been developed to do so, but for most people this is too risky, and the safest bet is definitely mining.

For investors, the biggest advantage of mining is that their holdings of coins have been increasing. Even if the currency price has been corrected, the total assets in the future have not shrunk significantly. Even after the bear market, the joy of asset explosion is welcomed. Compared with spot hoarding, investment mining will not appear when the currency price callback because of panic cut meat to stop losses, will not be out early when the currency price rebound so that it is difficult to grasp all the earnings, mining is a long-term, stable income return!

Those who have fried coins know that the price of coins is affected by the market, policies, news and other aspects. It fluctuates 24 hours a day and has a large fluctuation range. In a matter of days, a multiple doubling and a zero price could happen. In such a sharp rise and fall, the coin people’s mentality has been a great test. Especially for some keen short-term operation, in the skyrocketing currency market, as long as the rhythm is not a good grasp, it is easy to be “cut leek”.

Although the purchase of mining machine or currency is an individual’s independent choice of investment behavior, but from the perspective of profit, there will be the best choice in different markets. When the market is good, the currency can be in a short period of time can be rich, and the profit of mining is slightly less than that of buying coins directly. But when the market is down, it is better to mine, because mining can reduce risk more than currency speculation. In a word: bear market mining, bull market speculation.

So why is a bear market better suited to buy miners?

When a bear market comes, all mining machine manufacturers will adjust the price of mining machines according to a certain percentage. On the one hand, the market determines the price. When the supply is less than the demand, the seller lowers the price. On the other hand, it is to consider the actual earnings of miners. After all, the price of the coins dug out has shrunk according to the conversion fiat currency. In order to shorten the return cycle of miners, the cost of buying mining machines can only be reduced.  In addition, Our company has launched a series of special price programs for the current market and warehouse inventory. can be said to be quite cost-effective. Welcome to visit our company’s official website: 

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In addition to the currency price, another key factor affecting miners’ earnings is the difficulty of mining. When a bear market strikes, miners are less enthusiastic about mining than a bull market, and the growth rate of computer power across the net slows, which means the difficulty adjustment period is relatively longer. Then miners can mine a steady amount of coins over a long period of time.

When the bull market came, miners could sell the coins they had mined in the bear market at a fat profit. In addition, along with the rise of the bull market and mining machine prices. Buying a new miner at this point will increase input costs, but the ones you bought in the bear market are appreciating in value.

An old miner said in an interview that he spent $10,000 to buy a number of mining machines in the bear market , in Nov. 2021, at the peak of the bull market, he sold them at a price higher than the purchase price. In this way, he was equivalent to mining coins for free for a period of time with the mining machine, and he also made a fortune from the mining machine business.

The next stage of mining

Boom and bust cycles are a natural series of events for any properly functioning market. Bitcoin mining is no exception. Over the past year, weaker and less prepared operators in the mining industry have been weeded out as the bull market bubble has been deflated. Now, in the depths of a bear market, the real builders can continue to expand their businesses and lay a solid foundation for the next phase of the bull market.

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