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The Secrets to Improving Revenue That Miners Must Know

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BTC mining is by no means an easy task. Some beginners may think that they can easily get high returns as long as they make the investment, choose a good mining site, and keep the mining machine running. In reality, however, mining demands both experience and techniques. Given the same investment, inexperienced miners unfamiliar with mining techniques would record less revenue than veteran miners.

Today, we will share the secrets of veteran miners to help you mine cryptos and get high returns with ease.

Point 1 : When to buy mining machines

The cost of mining machines directly determines a miner’s payback period. It should be noted that the value of a mining machine is primarily subject to factors that include hashrate performance, power consumption, and the market price of hashrates.  According to the ASIC index provided by TheBlock, the ASIC mining machine with the lowest average power consumption now costs $18 for 1 tera hash per second (1 Th/s). Based on that figure, an Antminer S19 Pro with a rated hashrate of 110 TH/s is worth about $1,980.

If you bought an Antminer S19 Pro at the height of the bull market last year, unfortunately, based on the current mining revenue ($0.06 for 1 TH/s), it will take you five years to recover that cost, which indicates the significance of timing.

Point 2: Maintain your mining machines properly

After you identify the right timing to join crypto mining through a satisfying pool, you’ll also need to maintain your mining machines regularly to further boost the mining revenue. A well-maintained machine could run for mining for three to five years; however, if a machine is placed under rough conditions, then it might go bust within just a few months.

So let’s see how to maintain your mining machines:
1.Choose a suitable venue, and place your mining machines in spacious, dry, well-ventilated places.
2.Measures should be taken to help your mining machines cool off. This can be done in many ways, including water cooling, wind cooling, and oil cooling, but you should pick the most suitable approach according to your needs, as extra expenses will be required.
3.Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Dedusting your machines can not only prolong their service life but also help them maintain high performance. However, as the components of mining machines are delicate, you’ll have to clean them in strict accordance with the relevant instructions.

We hope the above could be helpful to crypto miners.

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