All In One Immersion Cooling Kit C1 For Individual Asic Miner

Nowsdays, many manufavturers are developing immersion cooling equipment that can accommodate 6, 12, 30 or more units. However, the user group of office or home mining is ignored. So we introduced a new immersion cooling system.

C1 is the all-in-one immersion cooling kit developed in cooperation with ibelink, designed for individual ASIC miner, either home or office use. C1 is for only one mining machine. As you can see, its small size makes it easy to place anywhere you want.

Maybe you still want to know what it can provide us?

Compared with large oil boxes, small boxes used with dry coolers are obviously applicable to more scenarios. The tank has little noise, and the external cooler worksoutdoor with less noise. Therefore, you can enjoy a quiet and smart monitoring.

At present, more and more people choose to replace the traditional air cooling method with immersion cooling. That is because cooling efficiency is much higher than air cooling. Meanwhile, the water cooling system has higher requirements on the environment. In cold countries or regions, the water pipes will be frozen.

Of course, if you have overclocking needs, it can also be met, just need to be equipped with an overclocking power supply. Mainstream miners can be overclocked by 20-50%.

C1 is compatible with most ASIC miner models, including BTC, ETH, LTC, KDA, CKB, HNS miners and more. For Compatibility List, please check out with us. In the future, Apexto will also cooperate with more manufacturers to develop more new products. You are welcome to join.



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