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WDMS Global 2022 to be held in Cancun, attracting industry experts and leaders from around the world

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Bitmain Hosts WDMS Global 2022

From November 8 to 10, 2022, Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand Antminer, was hosting the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS Global 2022) in Cancun, Mexico. Focusing on PoW power and mining impetus, WDMS Global 2022 will explore new trends in industry development. As a highly recognized pinnacle in the industry, WDMS has attracted a large number of blockchain industry experts, leading companies, well-known organizations and opinion leaders.

Paul Steiner, chairman of the National Commission for Small and Micro Businesses of El Salvador, will attend the summit and share his insights on the blockchain industry with the theme of “LIBERTAD (Spanish, meaning freedom)”. In 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. As an expert representative working at the National Institute of El Salvador, Paul Steiner will deliver a very inspiring speech on the subject.

Many global leading companies and well-known organizations, such as Foundry, Core Scientific, Tether, S&P Dow Jones Index, Merkle Standard, Cryptovan, Minto Lab DMCC, JSbit, Atlas, Starbase, etc. was participate in the summit. As representative of the financial industry, Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin issuer, wasl deliver a speech on the importance of stable coins to the cryptocurrency financial industry; Sharon Leibowitz, Senior Director, Innovation and Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Index, the world’s largest financial market index provider, will share her latest analysis and research on the financialization of digital assets; Kyle Schnapps, Director of Public Policy at Foundry, a world-renowned leading mining company, was shared his exciting experience protecting bitcoin and mining legitimacy on equities; Patricio Rodriguez, CEO of Southbit, the largest bitcoin mining solutions provider in Argentina, was unveil the mysterious and potential Latin American mining industry based on his personal experience.

In addition, leaders and representatives from the PoW community such as Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Nervos, Kadena and Ergo were also gather at the summit to give us the latest advancements in the PoW public chain and share the mission and vision. PoW ecosystem. As a PoW believer and campaigner, Bitmain is committed to contributing to the PoW ecology and has established positive relationships with various PoW project parties and communities. Additionally, the summit has also invited Porter Stowell, Director of Communities at the Filecoin Foundation, to provide a blueprint for Filecoin’s increasingly thriving community ecology and application of distributed storage technology.

The summit also attracted the attention of a large number of experts, scholars, opinion leaders and artists. Professor Haitian Lu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University will introduce his latest research achievements in the field of bitcoin and carbon neutrality; World renowned Chinese NFT artist Ting Song will share his experience and insights into NFT creation and education in Latin America.

With a large audience across the globe, the summit was gave rise to various discussions. WDMS Global 2022 will undoubtedly become an excellent choice for industry insiders to communicate, learn and seize opportunities. In addition to the speeches, WDMS Global will also host the 2022 Cancun S19 XP Hyde. Blast and present themed NFT tickets for the first time ever. Hydro cooling miners represented by S19 XP Hyd. It has many advantages, such as being cost-efficient, adapting to different working conditions, stable hash rate, no noise, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, long lifecycle, etc., and can also reduce energy consumption cost. Is. ESG carbon neutrality concept and the future trend of green development of the industry. Hydro cooling is the direction Bitmain will continue to cultivate in the future. This is the first time that Bitmain has issued NFTs to global users, so the commemorative significance of a WDMS-themed NFT ticket is extraordinary; Users holding NFTs has got the KA3 priority purchase rights, NFT priority airdrop rights, and other amazing rights and interests.

In an age of constant change, a period full of uncertainty, only those who dare to step into a future of infinite possibilities can seize this moment and unlock new opportunities.WDMS Global 2022 to build together in winter 2022 for a more prosperous spring 2023!

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