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How much do you know about CKB?

What is the Nervos Network?

Speaking of CKB, first of all we have to learn what is the Nervos Network. Nervos Network is a next-generation blockchain ecosystem that seeks to become the foundation of the decentralized economy of the future. It uses a novel multi-layer approach to the three challenges of the blockchain trilemma : Security, Scalability and Decentralization.

At the foundation of this ecosystem is the layer 1 nervous blockchain. This is called the common knowledge base. The reason for this name is because the base layer is designed to store data that all participants will be witnessed to making it common knowledge. In order to store data o the common knowledge base, you must hold common knowledge bytes also known as CK Byte or CKB.

The Function of CKB

Owning one CKB allows you to store one byte of any type of data. Smart contracts ,tokens and NFTs are all forms of data which means they also requires CK bytes in order to be represented on chain. More data deing stored on nervos’s layer 1 increases the price of CK bytes. This also scales up for security on their own which makes it more attractive place to store even more important data.

These factors combined make layer 1 a ture multi-asset storer value.  And layer 1 becomes increasingly more valuable over time as the ecosystem grows and the value of the information within it grows. At its core ,nervos prioritizes extremely high security, decentralization an flexibility. And nervos is composed of various essential components that help to achieve this.

Do you know more about CKB by now? Will you continue to choose to invest in CKB miners? If you have more insights, please feel free to leave your message in the comment area.

Our company got news that Bitmain would release a new CKB miner called Antminer K7 very soon. Currently Goldshell CK6 has the highest hashrate of 19.3T among all CKB miners. However Bitmain K7 is about to replace the CK6 as the most popular CKB miner, and has higher hasharte.

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