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What is Virtual Currency “Handshake Coin (HNS)”?

Recently, many customers are very interested in Handshake Coin (HNS). However, since it is not as popular as BTC and ETH, many customers are not very familiar with this currency, so today Apexto will introduce it to you.

The Handshake project aims to create an alternative certificate authority and naming system for the root Domain Name Server (DNS). It is decentralized and permissionless, typically compared to The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is centralized. Currently, names used in top-level domain names such as .com, .net, and social networking usernames are centrally managed by a central authority.

Why is there a Handshake Coin (HNS)? 

Handshake Coin (HNS) is the native currency in the protocol that allows the transfer, registration, and update of internet names. The aim of introducing a unit of currency is to counter spams, where someone claims and registers all the possible names without any form of control.

You can contact us if you want to get Handshake Coin (HNS) by mining. Now our company is doing an extensive promotion activity HS6 SE is a new arrival from the original manufacturer “Goldshell” Now let’s introduce the product:



HNS Hashrate: 3.7TH/S (±5%)
HNS Wall Power: 3400W/h (±5%)
Dimension (with packaging): 370×260×430(mm)
Dimension : 264×200×290(mm)
Noise : ≤80db
Gross Weight : 11.5kg
Net Weight : 8.5kg
Connection : Ethernet
Voltage Input: 200-285V AC
Operating Temp : 0~35 ℃

Where can you trade HNS? 

You can trade Handshake on CoinEx, Namebase, and Popular trading pairs for Handshake in the market includes HNS/USD, HNS/CAD, HNS/AUD, HNS/GBP, HNS/INR, and HNS/PHP.

The exchange with the best liquidity to trade HNS right now would be Namebase.


The Goldshell HS6 SE miner is the most profitable for mining Handshake Coin (HNS). Welcome to your inquiry.

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