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Affordable Litecoin/Dogecoin Asic Miner – Goldshell LT6 3.35 Gh/s

As you can see, since BTC has recently fluctuated around $20,000, cryptocurrency investors are mostly focusing on KDA and LTC, of which Goldshell LT6 is the most economical ASIC MINER to mine LTC.


 Model LT6 from Goldshell mining Scrypt algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 3.35Gh/s for a power consumption of 3200W.

MODEL  Goldshell LT6 (3.35Gh)
WEIGHT 8.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 264 × 200 × 290 cm
VOLTAGE 176~264V

5 – 35 °C

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The LT6 has a 36.7% increase in hash rate over the original LT5 out now, 3.35Gh/s vs. 2.45Gh/s .  Carries a 6 month Goldshell manufacturer warranty.  This machine as of publication date is making about $10.44 day or so and using around $4.61 in electricity per day. Daily profit cryptocurrency 0.05686498LTC+102.5683DOGE

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A 180-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. All sales are final. Defective machines will be repaired for free under the warranty policy. The following events will void the warranty: overclocking the miner; customer removal and replacement of any components without receiving permission from Broadeng; damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges; burnt parts on hash boards or chips; damage due to water immersion or corrosion in a wet environment.


  • To explore further area

Better computing performance is always the target Goldshell to reach Goldshell self-developed high-performance computing chip gives LT6 3350Mh/s powerful data processing ability and 0.95W/G power consumption ratio. Excellent performance makes future full of possibilities.

  • Operating efficiency increased

Saving electricity, Getting higher profits. Compare to LT5,Goldshell LT6 increase about 36.7% hashrate. Power efficiency improve 24.6%. Energy saving& Efficient operating.

  • New design of heat dissipation structure

Enhance internal cooling structureextend the life cycle LT6 consistent integrated body design,the whole machine is highly integrated. Safer and more convenient, save placing space.

  • At the same time, deep customization and optimization of the cooling structure.

Improving cooling function, prolong whole life cycle. Intuitive and visual operating data. Clear background management interface.

  • Accurate display of real-time hashrate of mining machine.

Information such as average hashrate and computing power fluctuations makes it easy to view the operating status of the device at any time.


Available in stock delivery time 2~7 business day.  

Don’t hesitate to order it right now!  For any questions please message, email, or call us.  We are available.

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