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The Antminer S19XP Coming!

NEW BEST BITCOIN MINER EVER! Bitmain Antminer S19XP, the model is the latest and the most profitable ASIC miner on the current BTC market. Hereby, Apexto is proud to introduce ANTMINER S19 XP to you .

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The Antminer S19XP is the latest in the S19 series and Bitmain’s newest product offering since the S19J and S19J Pro launched in June of last year. The world’s largest ASIC manufacturer has started taking preorders for the machine, and it estimates that the orders will be shipped to farms in Q3 of 2022. For this first batch of orders set for delivery in Q3.

About product

S19 XP is equipped with a hashrate of 140T, power consumption of 3010W, and power efficiency of 21.5J/T. S19 XP achieves a new standard for digital currency mining. A world with no limits, a new era of mining!


MODEL Antminer S19 XP (140Th)
WEIGHT 13.2 kg
DIMENSIONS 195 × 290 × 370 cm

5 – 40 °C


  • The Future is Coming A New Era of Mining

The ANTMINER S19 XP is a next-generation mining server from the 19 series product line.The S19 XP transcends limitations, reaching a hashrate of 140 T, making it one of BITMAIN’s most powerful miner to date.

  • Reimagining Power Efficiency,A New Industry Standard

 The ANTMINER S19XP reimagines the future of digital currency mining ,providing a new industry standard of power efficiency .By achieving a new power effiency standard of 21.5J/T,the S19XP futher improved power efficiency by 27% compared to the previous model,the ANTMINER S19 PRO.

  • Technological Advancement Historical Transformation

Compared to the first generation ANTMINER S1 BITMAIN,through years of research and development, has continually raised the bar of computing performance. The ANTMINER S19 XP has increased computing power by 777-fold and has reduced power efficiency by 93-fold leading the industry into the future.

  • Perfect for Long-term Investment

The ANTMINER S19 XP provides the perfect investment into digital currency mining.Equipped with the latest technology in the industry the S19 XP provides an expected lifecycle of six years capable of mining after the next Bitcoin halving.

  • The Latest Heat Dissipation Technology

The ANTMINER S19 XP incorporates the latest In-depth customization and optimization of thermal design.A refined temperature control,which reduces losses,allowing for ultra-energy efficiency.


S19xp daily profits is the top 3 in the mining revenue list. Here is the data for your reference.

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In a word,S19 XP is the upgraded version of s19 series which has perfect performance.

  1. Cooling condition is well , heat dissipation in depth customization and optimization.
  2. Life cycle and longevity,it will produce more value to customers.
  3. The most important is high hashrate with low consumption.
  4. Good quality for every brand new product which it has 12 months warranty.
  5. The convenient service site in HK for customer from all over the world.
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