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What should we pay attention to when running oil immersion cooling systems?

What should we pay attention to when running oil immersion cooling systems?


[ux_menu divider=”solid”] [ux_menu_link text=”1. When you successfully place an order, please explain the voltage of your local country to our sales staff so that we can debug everything for you before shipment and match the PDU, power cord, and other accessories suitable for your country.”] [ux_menu_link text=”2. When calculating the power consumption, please remember to add the power consumption of the oil pump and water pump.”] [ux_menu_link text=”3. Before putting the miner into the cold oil tank, you must replace the overclocking power supply. After removing the fan, you need to install the fan simulator (you can buy it from us) and update the overclocking firmware (S19jpro 92T does not need to replace the overclocking power supply, it can use the original power supply for Overclocking). The 17 series miners do not need to change the power supply, and there is also the official overclocking firmware from Bitmain.”] [ux_menu_link text=”4. To transform second-hand miners into an oil-cooled mining machine, it is necessary to remove the rusted places on the mining machine and clean the dust before you can use it for oil-cooling.”] [ux_menu_link text=”5. Cooling oil is recommended to purchase high-quality mineral oil, which you can buy locally. We recommend transformer oil, which is less corrosive to the machine; when draining oil, you must fully immerse the machine in oil.”] [ux_menu_link text=”6. Our cold oil tank currently supports the Bitmain Antminer S19 series (40kw) and Antminer 17 series (20kw). It is not compatible with the Avalon miner because Avalon’s machine is not suitable for placing in an oil cooling environment. Whatsminer’s hashrate operates at its extreme in a typical air-cooled environment. Of course, the Immersion Cooling System also supports Whatsminer, but it cannot be overclocked and only reduces the noise and part of the power consumption. Bitmain’s Antminer is more suitable for the Immersion Cooling System and has more overclocking possibilities.”] [ux_menu_link text=”7. Do not let water enter the oil cooler because once water enters the oil cooler, the inside will rust, the oil cooler environment will conduct electricity, and you can no longer use it. (When we ship the unit, we wrap it with a waterproof film around the outside of the oil cooler to prevent water or moisture from entering it during logistics.) If water accidentally enters, you need to rinse it with oil immediately!”] [ux_menu_link text=”8. If the cold oil tank is in a humid environment, please wrap a layer of waterproof cotton around the outside to prevent moisture from entering the cold oil tank. If you encounter a high-temperature situation, you need to cover a layer of insulation cotton around the outside of the oil cooler.”] [ux_menu_link text=”9. If you need to take a single machine out of the oil-cooled environment, please cut off the power connected to this machine first. (There is no need to cut off power to all machines because the oil-cooled environment is insulated.) For your safety, wear a mask and gloves, and take out the machine.”] [ux_menu_link text=”10. If you need to restore a machine operating in an oil-cooled environment to a machine operating normally in an air-cooled environment, you can clean it with plate washing water and install a fan so that the miner can run normally in an air-cooled environment. If the oil-cooled miner needs to be repaired, use the same maintenance method as you would for a miner in a typical air-cooled environment.”] [ux_menu_link text=”11. When the machine runs in an oil-cooled environment, it can only be placed flat and not stacked. After debugging the machine, the cover of the oil-cooled cabinet should be closed in time to prevent dust from entering the oil-cooled environment.”] [ux_menu_link text=”12. The water in the water tower must be tap water, not impure water.”] [ux_menu_link text=”13. The heat exchange device is fixed on the cold oil tank and cannot be disassembled.”] [ux_menu_link text=”15. Check the machine and ensure everything is working correctly before putting it in the oil.”] [ux_menu_link text=”16. Pay attention to whether the water tower you purchased has an automatic water filling function. If it cannot automatically add water, you need to add water to the water tower regularly, and it must have enough water for circulation.”] [/ux_menu] [ux_products_list ids=”6751,4735″]



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