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What is mining in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a string of code generated by an open source P2P software, which we call cryptocurrency, electronic currency and so on. Bitcoin is produced by mining. Generally speaking, bitcoin mining is to use your hardware equipment to calculate the mathematical problems of sh265 algorithm, confirm network transactions, and ensure the security of the entire network system. As a reward, the bitcoin system will give a certain amount of bitcoin reward according to the amount of computing power contributed by miners.

Mining is robbing bitcoin. Every once in a while, bitcoin will generate several, and whoever grabs it will own it. The computer connected to the bitcoin system is the tool “miner” to grab bitcoin. As for the national recognition of bitcoin, simply put, it depends on the possible impact on the country.

Bitcoin mining has gone through three stages (CPU, GPU and ASIC):
CPU: Mining with our ordinary computers.
GPU: Mining with graphics cards, which is what I often call “mining with graphics cards”.
ASIC: ASIC is an integrated circuit specially designed for bitcoin mining. Since Avalon produced the world’s first ASIC miner in 2012, bitcoin mining has been completely overturned. At present, it has entered the ASIC professional mining stage, Avalon mining machine has been upgraded for three generations, and Avalon fourth generation chip is said to be available soon.



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