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A bitcoin is 64000. If you use a home computer to keep digging, how long can you find one?

It is believed that when talking about virtual currency, the first impression may be bitcoin. This currency is the most popular currency in previous years, and it can even be said that it is very popular all over the world. This kind of currency is a kind of virtual encrypted digital currency, which is different from ordinary virtual currency.

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Because this currency is not issued by institutions, the biggest feature is that it is generated according to the algorithm. Many people who do not know this currency simply do not know how high its value is. It is understood that the price of this coin is about US $10000. If converted into RMB, it is equivalent to RMB 60000-70000.

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The price of this kind of money market can reach nearly 20000 US dollars at the highest time. Speaking of this price, everyone is willing to talk about it. So many netizens said, how can we get this kind of currency? In fact, there are two ways to obtain this currency.。

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The first method is to buy directly with money, and the second method is to mine with a digger. When it comes to mining, many people who know about bitcoin may know that bitcoin was very popular in the past, and many netizens were crazy about mining. Although there is still a cost, what is the cost for the return? The more you dig, the more you earn.

At that time, this kind of currency was popular all over the world. Large mining plants could dig up about 2-3 pieces a month. According to the price at that time, they could earn at least 100000 yuan a month. At this time, everyone may be very curious. Can you use your home computer to mine at home? In fact, using computers at home can also be mining, but the efficiency is too low to make money.

Even if you use the computer constantly, you can dig up about 0.0004 in a year. First of all, despite the damage to the computer, you can’t even earn electricity bills in a year. It is worth mentioning that even if it is a mining machine with super computing power, it is impossible to easily dig bitcoin. It is already very lucky to be able to dig one in three months. If you want to use computers at home to make money in mining, it must be unrealistic and a waste of resources.



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