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The most advanced bitcoin mining machine can dig up a bitcoin in a few days?

The most advanced bitcoin mining machine can only dig up a bitcoin in one to two years. Now it is too difficult to dig bitcoin. If you want to dig, you can dig Ethereum. Now it is appreciating steadily every day. According to the current development trend, it will be able to recover the capital in about 7 months, and then it will be profitable.

1. Bitcoin is a global crypto electronic currency and a trading tool completely autonomous by users. Bitcoin is a digital currency in the form of P2P. Point to point transmission means a decentralized payment system.

2. The concept of bitcoin was first proposed by Nakamoto in 2009. Unlike most currencies, bitcoin is not issued by specific currency institutions. It is generated through a large number of calculations according to specific algorithms. Bitcoin economy uses the distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transaction behaviors, and uses the design of cryptography to ensure the security of all links of currency circulation. The monetary system once had no more than 10.5 million in four years, and the total number will be permanently limited to 21million.

3. Bitcoin can be redeemed and converted into the currencies of most countries. Users can use bitcoin to buy some virtual items, and they can also use bitcoin to buy items in real life. On December 11, 2017, bitcoin futures began trading on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).

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