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Sales of second-hand mining machines, a guide to pit avoidance for miners of all sizes

There are two main sources of second-hand mining machines: First, miners replace old and new machines on a large scale. The old machines flow to the second-hand mining machine market. Second, another major source is the large-scale power failure in mines, and a large number of mining machines flow into the market.

The circulation of the second-hand mining machine market is mainly divided into two channels: trading in the circle and controlling goods by powerful goods, and then through them, it flows to the second-hand mining machine distribution companies, and then from dealers to miners of all sizes.

For small miners, the purchase of second-hand mining machines requires higher professional requirements. Without enough experience, try to choose an entity company with strength and reputation, especially those who are self-employed to buy second-hand mining machines.

As a retail investor, if someone tells you that they have a batch of second-hand mining machines in their hands, which are cheaper than those in the market, excellent in appearance, and cheap in quality, please don’t feel that your character has exploded at this time, but be alert that this is probably a pit.

If a batch of goods is being sold at a price lower than the market price, and then you can still buy it, there is only one high probability. No one of the big dealers wants this batch of goods, so they flow to retail outlets, which in itself shows that there is something wrong with this batch of goods. We don’t recommend small miners to buy mining machines through self-employed dealers of second-hand mining machines. This is because self-employed dealers are far less capable of taking risks and performing contracts than big dealer companies. When you find that you want to defend your rights after being deceived, you may not even be able to find the other person. The other party is a self-employed person with no entity company.

Most second-hand mining machines have passed the warranty period, and small retail miners themselves are incapable of judging and testing the quality of second-hand mining machines. Therefore, if you want to buy second-hand mining machines, you should choose to cooperate with mining machine distribution companies with good reputation and long operating time. Such companies will not damage their goodwill and reputation for a single business, and they will pay a higher price.

When mining machines are traded, buyers generally can’t see the real thing, and the quality of second-hand mining machines is not well controlled. Therefore, the promise of “keeping the calculation power and the shelf” is very important to buyers. If the buyer fails after receiving the goods, the maintenance cost incurred after the sale shall be borne by the seller, and the failure rate is too high, so the seller may incur huge losses on a batch of goods. This commitment puts forward higher requirements for the control ability of mining machine dealers when purchasing second-hand machines,


When small miners buy second-hand mining machines, they try not to trade with self-employed second-hand mining machine dealers. There will be no pie in the sky, and all the cheapness comes at a price. When buying second-hand mining machines, you should look for second-hand mining machine distribution companies with long operating time, good reputation and large scale. They are more experienced in purchasing and controlling goods, and more secure in after-sales service.

It must be a second-hand machine, so don’t compare second-hand machines with the fineness and quality of brand-new machines. It is easy to be regarded as a brain problem. Mining machines must be electronic products. Long-distance transportation will inevitably cause damage, and brand-new machines can’t be 100% problem-free. Don’t worry when you encounter problems. As long as there is a sales company responsible for covering the bottom, the model, quantity and color description of the machines in your hands are consistent. The service of the company’s sales staff is timely, and you can’t evade or shirk when dealing with problems. This is the case

Buyers should have a strong awareness of after-sales, and require sellers to promise to “guarantee the calculation power and guarantee the shelf”; If the second-hand mining machine is under warranty, it is necessary to pay attention to the remaining warranty time. Whether the machine is under warranty or not, after-sales is the key.

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