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How much does a Goldshell KD6 miner make?

The Goldshell KD6 is one of the most powerful KDA mining machines in the mining industry currently. The mining efficiency in KDA is very high!

About Product

Specific Information

MODEL  GoldshellKD6 (29.2Th)
WEIGHT 8.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 200 × 264 × 290 mm
VOLTAGE 176-264V

5 – 35 °C


The KD6 is designed with an integrated body, and the whole machine is highly integrated. This design is safe,more convenient, saving space. And this machine uses a new thermal structure design, which enhances the internal heat dissipation structure design, and can extend the use of the product cycle.

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New generation of self-developed high-performance computing chip

  • Higher performance and lower power consumption
  • KD6 carries Goldshell self-developed high-performance computing chip.
  • Reduce unit power consumption and increase hashrate to 29.2Th/s at the same time.
  • Excellent and stable computing ability
  • The most powerful KDA miner yet in the mining industry.

Operating efficiency increase 20%

  • Saving electricity, getting higher profits
  • Compared to KD5, Goldshell KD6 reduces the power consumption to 0.1W/G,power efficiency improve 20%.
  • Energy saving & Efficient operating

New design of heat dissipation structure

  • Enhance internal cooling structure, extend the life cycle
  • KD6 consistents integrated body design, and the whole machine is highly integrated.
  • Safer and more convenient,save placing space
  • Deep customization and optimization of the cooling structure
  • lmprove cooling function & prolong whole life cycle

Intuitive and visual operating data

  • Clear background management interface
  • Accurate display of real-time hashrate of mining machine.lnformation such as average hashrate and computing powerfluctuations make it easy to view the operating status of thedevice at any time.
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According to f2pool website, we can clearly see that it has a daily revenue of $37.24, and can mine 16 KDA coins per day. 

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We also observe that against the backdrop of a declining cryptocurrency market, the machine is still more profitable than other mining machines and is ranked fifth on the website.

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If you want to start mining KDA, the KD6 is a good investment choice. As one of the most profitable miners for KDA mining today, the KD6 is extremely competitive in the market.



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