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Powerful immersion cooling systems!

Immersion Cooling Systems

This product is a 40KW single-piece oil-cooling box. Dimensions: 1000mm × 800mm × 600mm, net weight: 90KG.The max temperature is 65℃ / 149F. The individual volume of the box is small in size, easy to install, saves space, can be used in ordinary office places, and is suitable for all mining machines. It can accommodate up to six sets of S19 Antminers. It is a convenient, quick, and easy way to overclock your mining machines with oil cooling,especially for small and medium mining operators or independent individuals. Immersion Cooling Systems

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Hashrate Overclock

Through the adapted PSU [Power Supply Unit] and software, the devices can achieve a 60% increase in hashrate and reduce the cost of each mining machine. And as the number of mining machines increases, they can also be assembled vertically in groups of 4 to cool more devices.

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Work Principle and Construction

  • Usage of high-performance dielectric coolant makes heat transferring safer and more efficient.
  • Using a brazing plate heat exchanger, the whole machine is more efficient and reliable.
  • The usage of a known brand high reliability circulating pump reduces the failure rate to ensure operation.
  • Visual human-computer interaction interface is easy to operate. Monitor the status of the whole machine at multiple points, and monitor the operation of the entire device remotely by mobile APP.
  • The container for cooling liquid is constructed of 304 stainless steel, making it reliable, stable, and corrosion-resistant. The Box body is engineered with a splice welding design to ensure that it is reliable with no oil leakage.
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Comparing Air Cooling VS Liquid Cooling Heat Dissipation

Liquid immersion cooling is seeing increased adoption among Bitcoin mining companies. This cooling solution dramatically improves the mining machines’ performance and energy efficiency. Moreover, unlike the current air-cooled standards, liquid immersion also decreases maintenance costs. The submerged mining equipment does not further come in contact with dust and pollen particles. Less maintenance, more environment-friendly, immersion in the liquid fully protects from temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration or fire. No fans = no noise, more profit, less downtime & 65%~80% of the heat generated by mining can be used to provide heat for local communities, offices, and other places to achieve secondary energy utilization.

Ideal For Medium and Large Companies, more size available

As the number of mining machines increases, we also have 150kw and 600kw units available for medium and large-scale companies. Clients can mine wherever they wish by applying our fluid cooling cabinet, even in their garden. The cabinet will defuse noise generated by the devices. From now on, clients will have a quiet and efficient mining farm.

In Conclusion

+60% Hashrate

  • Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 60% more hashrate may require mechanical adaptation, additional PSUs, or custom immersion firmware!

Low failure rate

  • By reducing the influence of high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration, the equipment failure rate can be reduced by 60%. The cost of equipment operation and maintenance can be reduced by 85%.

Long equipment life

  • By reducing the mining machine’s contamination, overheating, and rust, the service life of the mining machine hardware is increased by about 4-5 years.

Environmentally friendly

  • Unlike traditional mineral cooling oil, the cooling oil is non-toxic, harmless, and can be degraded rapidly in the environment like water and soil.

If you have any questions and want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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