Top Revenue ETH Miner YM100 E2 2400mh/s in stock for sale

Hello guys ! Welcome to visit our official website, Today we will introduce you a high value Eth miner YM100 E2 2400mh/s which it can be return funds within 244 days.

Let’s take a look at more details about this machine.

Specific information

WEIGHT 13.2kg
DIMENSIONS 460x160x300(mm)

0 – 40 °C


As a matter of fact, the cryptocurrency market has entered the so-called bear market in 2022, and the price of Ethereum ASIC mining machines has generally dropped by half or more than its peak. Thus, many miners finally realize that if they replace their GPU mining machines with ASIC mining machines, then they can obtain 30%-50% higher daily income, which has led to a rapid increase in the prevalence of ASIC mining machines.

However, as ASIC mining machine chips break through the challenging bottleneck of data transmission bandwidth, ASIC mining machines have gradually occupied the top spots of the Ethereum mining hashrate rankings since last year. Among them, the YM-100 mining machine has continued to stay in first place in the energy supply ratio in the past six months, and its energy supply and hashrate ratio (1.0w/M) is twice higher than that of the high-end GPU miners (3w/M). Besides, the daily income of YM-100 is more than 3 times that of GPU miners.


Nevertheless, most of the top ASIC mining machine manufacturers are wrestling with the industry-wide supply chain crisis, and it is difficult to ensure the supply capacity of their mining machines. This status has created valuable opportunities to considering mature 40nm process to manufacture mining machine chips and has solved several key component supply difficulties faced by other competitors, thus the out-of-stock situation is perfectly avoided.

Even though the revenue of YM 100 series is prefect , most investors are concern if it cannot make money any more when 2.0 is arrived, Hence the answer is pretty clear: ETC looks promising, at least it can help miners get through this period of uncertainty.


Foresighted miners have started replacing their GPU mining machines with ASIC ETH mining machines a while ago, striving to protect their investment as much as possible .This is certainly not to say that ETH will be abandoned by the blockchain world because of the upgrade. It is precisely because ETH has the status it has today, and the upgrade will have long-term benefits for the entire blockchain industry, that people have overcome many difficulties to get to where they are today since the wheel of history is always rolling forward.

Today, it seems that there are many such ways out, one of which could be ETC.In a word,the people who can win the race for a brighter future must be warriors who can bravely face up to the risks. hopefully, you’ll make a best decision to start with the first step instead of letting the opportunity slip through your fingers. If you are interested please feel free to contact us, thanks.



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