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Singapore-based ASIC miner manufacturer, iPollo Miner

iPollo V1 Classic 130M Hashrate ETC 130MH/s Miner, Wi-Fi Support. Silence and Small Mining Machine.

iPollo Miner is a supercomputer equipment designer, headquartered in Singapore. The company has evolved as a competitive player on the global market with robust designs since its inception. iPollo’s product line includes not only Ethereum V series, Bitcoin B series, and world-first Grin Asic miner G series, but also Filecoin, China, Swarm, and other Proof of Capacity consensus crypto miners. Aided by iPollo’s rapid growing footprints, the company is eager to serve our institutional and retail clients worldwide with a mission statement of “improving computing power and stability; reducing power consumption and user cost; maintaining blockchain network security.”


Today we will introduce Ethereum V series,the name of IPollo V 1 mini Classic 130M 104W.


Model iPollo V mini (130Mh) from iPollo mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 130Mh/s for a power consumption of 104W.

  MODEL iPollo V1 mini (130Mh) 
  POWER 104W
  WEIGHT 2.9kg
  DIMENSIONS 95 × 62 × 28 mm
  INTERFACE Ethernet

5 – 45 °C


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Finally, let’s look at the performance of the new ETC mining machine iPollo V mini Classic ETC Miner. Its hashrate  is 130MH/s±10%, and the current daily output per M can be about 0.00080802ETC. Therefore, the total daily output is 0.1050426ETC. At a price of $43.76, about $4.61 per day can be produced. The power consumption of the V mini is 104W±10%. When the electricity cost is set to US$0.047/kWh, the daily electricity consumption of a 1U server is about 2.34kWh, so the electricity cost per day is US$0.11. Taken together, the daily net profit of mining ETC with iPollo V mini Classic ETC Miner can now reach $4.5.

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