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Founded in 2017, Goldshell Miner is a technology company based on blockchain computing and application, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high-performance computing chips and products, and providing corresponding vertical application solutions and technical services. Goldshell CK6

Today i will introduce one of its star product,the goldshell ck6,the ck6 release in December 2021, it is the update of goldshell ck5 ,the hashrate is 19.3th per seconnd ,it almost 1.7 times of the goldshell ck5,but the price only a little higher than ck5 ,so it is much cost effective to buy ,now it sold very well.

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The self-developed high-performance computing chip of goldshell gives CK6 19.3T powerful computing power. At present, CK6 still performs very well in many CKB mining machines.goldshell CK6 mining machine is a CKB ASIC mining machine based on Eaglesong algorithm. This machine claims to have 19.3T computing power, and its claimed power consumption ratio is as low as 0.2w/g.

Today, the evaluation of goldshellck6 is the first experience of this model for everyone, and the mining machine will be fully experienced from unpacking to mining operation.the ck6 original packaging is carton, Open the packing box, which contains CK6 mining machine fully embedded and protected by pearl foam and a matching power cord. There is no need to worry about the damage to the machine caused by bumps and violent sorting in transportation when the package with the original box of foam is actually measured.

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The miner and power supply are designed in one body. CK6 miner is equipped with a power supply with a peak power of 3300W,There are four fans in total, two air inlets and two air outlets,In order to test whether the calculation force of mining machine is up to standard in real operation. After receiving CK6 mining machine, we connected the machine to the fish pond and ran at full capacity for 48 hours.

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According to the fish pond, the computing power is received smoothly, the peak rejection rate is less than 5%, the average computing power in 24 hours is 19-19.3Th/s, and the measured average operating power consumption is 3,265w. Within the nominal range of 3300W, the measured power consumption ratio is 0.19 W/G less than the nominal power consumption ratio of 0.2W/G, which is consistent with the manufacturer’s description.

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The parameter of goldshell ck6 is below

MODEL Goldshell CK6 
Algorithm Blake2S
WEIGHT 8.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 264 × 200 × 290 mm

5 – 35 °C

In conclusion:It has high performance and no additional accessories are needed. Its easy operation and portability also make it look more attractive ,now it is one of our company top flagship product.

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